Sunday 6 January 2008

Another Glastonbury Radio Interview

I have been invited back to do a two hour interview and phone-in on Glastonbury Radio. I will be interviewed by Ross Hemsworth on his Now That's Weird show. Some of you may remember Ross from the TV Programme The Ghost Detective. Ross has also done TV programmes with the ex-Doctor Who actor Tom Baker.

The show will start at 2300 (UK time) on this coming Friday, 11th January. It can be listened to live at:

If you wish to phone up and join in you can do so on 0871 871 3666. For those of you in the UK the cost of the call is at national rate. For those outside the UK the number will be ++44 871 871 3666.

1 comment:

Karl Le Marcs said...

Excellent show, bloggers should listen via Glastonbury Radio's Listen Again feature, not only for my own brief appearance but also for the entertaining interruption of Tony mid-flow to play Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now".
Irony and Synchrondipity in perfect union.
for the Listen Again feature.
Tony was on from 11pm to 12pm.
(promotion over)