Monday 7 January 2008

Virgin Life ???

The synchrondipitous ((c) Anthony Peake) events leading to my introduction to ITLAD and to Tony himself have been debated often between the Author and myself, as have many of my own "theories" that have been instigated and/or affected by his CTF thesis. But I wanted to put something to the blog specifically to get all your input.

As enthusiastic a proponent of Tony's theories as I am, it has always puzzled me that I have NEVER personally had any Deja Vu experiences, which led me to ask Tony at the Scientific and Medical Network about my Virgin Life theory.

Simply, it is this: Those who do experience Deja Vu, precognition or any similar such Minkowskian timeline distortions, according to CTF, are experiencing their Nietzschean panoramic life review replayed to them from their own Virgin Life memories via their consciousness subjectively slowing down time owing to the glutamate flood within their brain - whereas, objectively they die in the usual linear timeline experienced by everyone else.

Now, if I do NOT have any Deja Vu or precognitive experiences is it possible that in fact, this is due to a realisation that this is NOT a replayed life review for me; that this is, in actuality, my first run-through; my Virgin Life?

We must, after all, at some point have lived our own Virgin Life for it to be able to be replayed to us via our time dilated consciousness at the point of death. What could be enlightening is for one to become aware not only of the existence of ones Daemon but also of the non-existence of such. Whereas Tony has superbly postulated the theory of the Daemon-Eidolon Dyad, could it be that I have also become aware of the truth within consciousness, but importantly, during my Virgin Life? Surely, the implications of such could be massive.

I have a very dear friend, Sandra, who is an author and long standing proponent on Guardian Angels. I went to speak to her as, again, I have never had cognisance of any such guidance within my own personal phaneron. After doing all the required "asking" for guidance that Sandra showed me to do, I returned to her a few weeks later with an ever increasing air of solipsism as it appeared that either my Guardian Angel was busy, or that they simply were not there. She told me she had been talking to her own Guardian Angel and had asked them to speak to my guide and to introduce themselves. Her guide told her that they could not communicate with my Angel. According to Sandra, this is rare but that in some instances it has been noted that an individual's Guardian Angel is either a) non-responsive or b) simply absent.

Charming eh?

Now, my Guardian Angel should(!) be.....Uriel, apparently, so if anyone sees him can you tell him to come talk to me!

As this depressing research continued into my own futility and the overwhelming loneliness of existence I thought I might be in need of a giggle so I readily accepted when another friend of mine, Amy, asked me if I would go with her to see a regression hypnotist.

You probably know what's coming.............

After quite a lengthy session and not some considerable difficulty in hypnotising me the therapist, who had earlier taken Amy through TWO past life regressions, simply told me that I had NO such recordings and that was that! Zero, nothing. No memories, no past-lives.

So, there you go, so far I have no Deja Vu, no precognition, no Daemonic communication, no Guardian Angel and no past life memories. Which means one of two things -
1) None of those exist - or - 2) This is my Virgin Life.

Could it be that through Tony's book and his theories that synchrondipity ((c) Anthony Peake) brought me to ITLAD and then to Tony himself; that my own realisation of my Virgin Life could mean if I can remember all this when my life review actually begins at the point of death and communicate such to my Daemon, then next time we blog within some alternate Everettian Bohmian IMAX we could have empirical proof?

Or, as the late great Bill Hicks said, is it just that "all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration; we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves."

Fun ain't it?

"Of the Earth's many millions, none like me,
Hath the blind Ate marked for sorrow-none;
Each, each his share of grief and gloom may see,
Yet have their Guardian Angels every one.
I have no guardian angel - left alone
By heaven and by the world; and misery
E'en in my bone-pith - helpless, woe-begone;
No balsam - nought but tears, shed ceaselessly."

from the poem "To My Joy-Giver" : Francis Kazinczi (Magyar poet)

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs (Virgin Life?)


SM Kovalinsky said...

Karl; I think it is entirely possible, and most likely probable, that you are on your first "run". And that that may in fact be all to the purpose, regarding being led to our Tony (he needed a virgin, so to speak)and to future runs in which ITLAD? contains empirical proof. I do not like to sound mystical or esoteric or the like, but I felt strong recognition when seeing him (his photograph) for the first time. Poor Tony; he never meant to mean so much to all of us!!!!

Anonymous said...

I believe even a virgin would have a higher self. It may take many lives before you can tune into it, that’s just my thought on it. My higher self has never ever communicated with anyone else only me. So don’t worry too much that no one else can pick it up. It is part of you not them. When I tune into to others I never ever pick up there higher self’, or what ever you want to call it. Maybe if this is your first time round at living, Anthony has come into your life to prepare you for the next when you will be more aware of your higher self.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie
Thank you for your comment on my posting, I'm glad I can be of some virginal use to somebody, goodness knows there aren't many around here (which is probably why they started sacrificing goats - couldn't find any virgins left!!)

Karl Le Marcs said...

Thank you also for your comments. I suffer with Bipolar Depression and have some TLE symptoms (thankfully without the auras) and do feel that my own higher self or my super-ego is in certain disproportionate balance with my own id and ego giving me some subjective feeling of one-ness without any external guidance as yet. My "Virgin Life" theory is already of interest to Tony and I am hoping there will be others, like yourself, who feel they can contribute to my research and ideas via blog comments.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't too aware of the eidelon until a crisis. It was very subtle. In fact I was able to dismiss that voice for years with various explanations. I think one also has to shut down other "noise". I recently heard a New Zealander named Paul Hawker talking about his retreat alone in the mountains fashioned after Christ's retreat of 40 days and nights. With this experience he felt he got in touch with a larger spiritual force that was directing him. All spiritual experiences seem to originate from this being alone and observing one's thoughts. In a world with many people, tv radio, internet etc. it isn't that easy to hear that guiding voice.

Anthony Peake said...

When I was writing the first-draft of ITLAD I was particularly interested on the idea that in order for the 'Penfieldian' (another new Peakeism folks)memories to generate the Bohmian IMAX there needed to be a first time when the memories are laid (lain?) down (the blueprint I suppose). From this blueprint all the iterations brought about by the Daemonic-influenced changes within each Nietzschean re-runs are added. In my model this is similar to how the evolution of an organism is brought about by random mutations within DNA. Each 'eternal return'.

For all this to work there needs to be the original 'recording'. I know this is a totally inadequate and probably misleading term because this 'recording' can be changed. Probably 'Blueprint Life' is a better term for this first life and this can be compared to the amended or 'Groundhog Lives'.

When I present a lecture I always do a straw poll of the audience with regard to the experience of deja vu. The 70/30 rule seems to be consistant. 70% have experienced DV and 30% have not. Interestingly enough I did a talk for the Occult Organisation 'The Servants of the Light' (SOL) recently and the response to my question was 100% had experienced DV. Clearly this must be significant in some way. I can only assume that the audience had already 'self selected' in that they had chosen to join an occult organisation and that interest in such things is brought about by being a 'Groundhoger' rather than a 'Blueprinter'.

I am fascinated by Karl's suggestion and I feel that we are really onto yet another interesting implication of CTF.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Thank you for your comments. I think it often does take a crisis or some deep sole searching for someone to identify not only with their Daemon but with their own sense of identity.
I also agree that today's multi-media messages crowd the consciousness and it seems the simple art of contemplative silent thought is ebbing away from certain sections of Society.
I am as self-aware and reflective as it is possible to be, and I (unlike most) am blissfully content in my own company and I do feel very in-tune with my id, ego and super-ego (although they are somewhat imbalanced - my ego is relatively small but my id and super ego are huge).
Thanks again for your comments.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Thank you for your comments, some fascinating input there as ever.
I'm particularly interested to hear you lectured to The Servants Of The Light (another interesting story to impart to you there over an ale or two) and especially that 100% of the attendees had experience of Deja Vu.
I'm not an occultist but I do have a lot of experience in that area and have written on many aspects of the practices and theories (and Mr Crowley, obviously).
More to come from me soon..........

*Da Da Dahhhhh* (suspense music)

SM Kovalinsky said...

Anthony: This is quite interesting and very inspiring. I have often wondered, with respect to Ouspensky's theory of "self-remembering", if it is possible to "upload" fully certain incidents so that they may be fully recalled and avoided or changed? Have you read Persinger (? not sure I am recalling the name correctly) and his NDE theory, that the past life review is indeed a mechanism of evolution, and works like a computer upload? But he seems not to have heard of recurrence, and goes off into reincarnation, which I find implausible and undesirable. . .

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie,
Good comments, thank you.
Ouspensky said, when Gurdjieff introduced him to self-remembering:
"... psychology begins at this point. ... man does not remember himself but could remember himself if he made sufficient efforts. Without self-remembering there can be no study, no psychology. But if a man realizes and bears in mind that he does not remember himself, and that nobody remembers, and yet there is a possibility of self-remembering, then study begins."
I agree, the PeakeMeister has added to my post as he often does with some interesting ideas.
Your comments are also intriguing as I have been writing up something on Gurdjieff and Ouspensky as a new post for the blog!
You also tend to lean towards my other Peakeian theory of a misallignment within the Bohmian IMAX which I think may help explain and understand Mental Health issues like Schizophrenia, Bipolarity and Schizoaffection. This re-boot idea also echoes with some stuff I've discussed with Tony on Neurogenesis (the creation of new brain cells) deep within the Dentate Gyrus area of the Hippocampus in the brain. This cerebral re-boot can help re-allign the Daemon and Eidolon by stimulating the Neurogenesis to create new brain cells that work alongside damaged or atypical cells and over time, to heal and to stop the "skipping" and misallignment of the panoramic life review.
Blimey eh? *phew*

"It is only when we realize that life is taking us nowhere that it begins to have meaning."
- P.D Ouspensky

SM Kovalinsky said...

KARL: Thank you for your response; there is certainly much food for thought in it, particularly with regard to the idea of neurogenesis. Please do post on Gurdijeff and Ouspensky; would be most interested to read you on them. . .

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie,
I will get some more done on my Gurdijeff/Ouspensky post finished asap as it fits in perfectly with our recent discussions here and with Tony's Glastonbury Radio appearance.

ken said...

But, then, how does the notion of time being an artifact of our perception fit into the Virgin Life Hypothesis? If "time" is like the stations along a train track then your next, post-virgin lives already exists. (Of course, the word "next" is then meaningless, right?)

"You know, of course," said the Creationist, "that the very first tree God created had rings already inside so if you chopped it down you'd think it was hundreds of years old."

In the same vein, could not our entire multiverse or multi-BIMAX be already existing -- created in it's entirety from the first moment? So, really, every life is our virgin life because there's really only one.

Karl Le Marcs said...

But "Time" is NOT "like the stations along a train track" as it is not linear, it is merely our consciousness construct that gives the perception of direction. Time and Space are one and the same, each consciousness creates its own phaneron and using the MWI and MMI of QM we can formulate theories such as Tony's CTF and ITLAD which in themselves are self requiring of a "Virgin Life" otherwise there would be no initial recording to eternally return. Indeed, as decoherence suggests, if nature itself is able of cognisance then at the moment of the big bang it is feasible that all of the universe's Virgin Life was played out - and this is where my other posts relating to Daemonology and the Akashic Records, Information Universe etc all relate.
And every life being a Virgin Life??? Well, that's a discussion for you to have with Tony as your comment rather goes against his theory. I think Tony is correct in his theory regarding time dilation and phaneronic eternal (although I argue NOT eternal but ultimately finite given complex mathematics) return, but this MUST require Virgin Lives to be lead. Indeed my other post on the Mother Paradox of Cheating The Ferryman may interest you also in light of your new thoughts on Time and having completed ITLAD.

ken said...

KARL-- My "train station" analogy was not meant to include the extrapolation that I consider time to be linear. The only relevant part of the analogy is that all the stations already exist along the track and that our watching them go by gives us the illusion of the past/present/future. But, if all the stations already exist then what makes our virgin life virgin? It must be that it is the first one our consciousness experiences (or something like that). But even as we traverse our first life experiences, all the other lives already are there (just unseen by our limited viewpoint) so why do they not impact or influence us from the git-go?

I guess I'm struggling with two - apparently differing - concepts of our many lives. 1) The many worlds of the Everett MWI are created as we live our life and 2) the many worlds of the Everett MWI are all created at once and we are merely tracing them out. I seems to me that time is very different in these two scenarios. In the first, time has a certain linear construct to it - we live one life and THEN we can review that life over and over and over. The second, however, almost throws time away in the creation of the many worlds; time is more the parameter in a parametric equation and as its value changes, our position along the curve changes - it really has no physical significance except to locate us along our life-paths.

My comment about "every life is our virgin life" was more of a musing. If we are able to alter our life in certain details with each reliving or life review, then each cycle is really a different life and if each cycle is different then taking all the cycles together really amounts to a single life that we live only once - albeit for an infinite amount of time. So, it's all virgin.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Time is definitely not my friend! I intended to get reply to your excellent comments today but I have been thwarted !!
I will reply tomorrow.
Thanks again, Ken.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Right, I have a few mins so here we go! *smile*
In the train station analogy I'm not sure I agree that "all the stations already exist along the track", I expect they would do in the early stages of ones life review BUT if through Daemonic guidance one takes a NEW track then future points on that track will be newly created from that point onwards. Tony and I have debated privately and on here the implications of such on experiences like Deja Vu. Surely Deja Vu, which is a strong argument in favour of The Daemon, MUST stop at the moment of Daemonic guidance away from the blueprint whih was laid down on the previous life run. Indeed, the only pure life (with NO existing tracks) would be the Virgin Life - which by definition everyone MUST have had, as by utilising reverse causality we get to what Plato determined as the "Prime Mover" but which I assert is the Virgin Life.
As to MWI I agree with your point number 1) but not with number 2) Everett asserted that at each and every Quantum Event the universe splits and immediately creates an alternate parallel universe to that of the source of the Quantum Event. Within this new universe there will be an observer whose existence creates a back history and a future minkowskian time line.

I fully agree with you regarding Time. Our problem as humans is that we have a false idea of what Time actually is. Indeed pretty much all of our empirially received experiences are false; a human construct, and not what is actually there in "reality"

As I stated in my post "How Soon Is Now (2) - The Phantom Premise", does Time require an observer? Is Time just an empty ephemeral evanescence?

As to Virgin Life, it's just my hypothesis, but surely ALL existence is either a Virgin Life of a panorami Life Review which began with a Virgin Life.

It's all fun though, isn't it