Monday 2 June 2008


Wow, not left a post on this blog for a while - so much interest now! Looking forward to the new book! Tony, some time ago you mentioned you do quantum physics talks as well as your normal presentation, are you planning to do any more physics talks soon?

Also I'm thinking of reading a book by Philip K. Dick, does anyone have any favourites or recommendations that would be a good idea to read first?

One more thing, does anyone here who has precognitive experiences have any system for recording them? I sometimes have very vivid dreams but normally it's just small pieces of information that I remember when I wake up but then in the future when i get Deja Vu I'm never sure whether I had dreamt it before (probably due to the nature of Deja Vu).



Karl Le Marcs said...

Chris: Welcome back!!

I'm not sure if I've spoken to you before so "Hi" if I have not, and "Hi again" if I have!

Re Philip K. Dick: The most IDLATian books are Valis and UBIK
(and I'm sure there are more that Tony can direct you towards)

Re the precognitive techniques: I have written a lot on here re Lucid Dreams and techniques on how to enter and control them but I hope some of my fellow bloggers will give you some help on other precognitive areas, as other than Lucid Dreaming, I don't seem to have them myself!
(Virgin Lifer you see - allegedly!)

Great to have you back on the blog Chris!

Chris said...

Hi! Thanks very much, I'll definatly have a look into the Lucid Dreaming techniques.

Anthony Peake said...

CHRIS: Great to see you involved again. As a literal "Baby Rocket Scientist" your take on a lot of the things discussed on this site will be most welcome.

Now with regard to PKD. The first thing I suggest is that you read up on some of the postings placed on this blog with regard to this great man. How you do this is isolate all the posts with the label "Philip K Dick"

Follow this link:

and click on the words "Philip K Dick" on the "labels" section at the very end of the post. This will give you most of the PKD references. To get the rest simply do a search omn 'Philip K Dick'.

Now for me there are two Dick books that all itladians should read. These are VALIS and UBIK. Both these books have hugely itladian themes.

However as I know your surname you may find the following Dickian/Peakian references interesting:


My best wishes ... and welcome on board!