Tuesday 3 June 2008

Life Implications

Astonishing - and gratifying - to see how much interest has been generated in Tony's ideas since the day I first picked up his book. (I felt exhausted just reading his forthcoming appearances schedule.) It's very clear, both from this Blog and several private conversations, that a great many people have made the step of viewing Peake Theory as something that concerns them in their lives here and now, rather than something that might concern them in future at the point of their death. What hasn't yet emerged (or if it has, I've missed it) is a coherent insight into how best to lead our lives in the light of the theory. In his book, Tony does, of course, allow for the possibility of changing our extended Groundhog Day, but I found myself unclear about the evidence supporting this belief. If my life is an extension in a four dimensional space-time continuum, where is the opportunity to change it; and if such an opportunity did, in fact, arise, what would be the motivation for doing so? I've always thought Tony has done sterling service in presenting a viewpoint that takes the findings of modern physics seriously. The next step would seem to be to work out the implications of that viewpoint. Any ideas?


Karl Le Marcs said...

Herbie: Welcome aboard!

Finding empirical evidence for ITLAD could be somewhat tricky, as experiences within the Bohmian IMAX would be as IDENTICAL to us as within 'reality', thereby the first question one needs to answer is this:
Am I presently experiencing reality, or a Bohmian IMAX recurrence?

Unfortunately, this question is currently unanswerable with much degree of certainty, although Tony and I do often bash our heads together and give it our best shot!

Indeed the Evolution of ITLAD (EITLAD) will most likely go in this direction through the further writings of Tony and also myself, including some joint ventures I am sure.

Re your other question, I would say that the opportunities to change the direction of past life would be Daemonically driven with the motivation being a betterment of one's previous 'run-through', perhaps leading eventually to the Ultimate Life where Daemon and Eidolon fuse together and become a unitary being (as was also originally the case in the Virgin Life) but now having experienced a myriad of recurrences and hopefully achieved, as Phil Connors did in Groundhog Day, a better way of life and of being.

And I agree with your comments regarding our Tony; he's not a bad lad is he?


Robin said...

It may not be empirical evidence but I think we are presented with "Everett's Choice Points". We are daemonically guided across those bridges to the Everett universe that is right for our current situations.

CTF has empowered me to believe & trust that the right door will open at the right time if I follow that faint, inner voice leading the way.

Anthony Peake said...

Welcome to the great Herbie Brennan. For those of you who do not know Herbie is one of the greatest living fantasy writer for young adults (and I do include J.K. Rowling in that category). I am hnoured beyond words to have you involved in this blog.

With regard to your questions I feel that Karl has answered in exactly the way I would have done so there is no point in me repeating his comments.

I would add, however, that itlad is a theory pulled together from the available evidence, not my invention. As such I have no more knowledge of the 'reason' for itlad than Einstein knew the 'reason' behind relativity. He just looked at the evidence and drew certain conclusions. I suppose this is the difference between physics and metaphysics. We can try to explain the 'how' but the 'why' is a much more esoteric question. But who knows, with the collective intelligence and knowledge of the members of this blog anything is possible!

Karl Le Marcs said...

It's a quantum kind of newtonyan physics, you might say!

*nerdish giggles*

johar said...

What I have taken from this book is quite simple: Awareness.

I have heard so many stories of precognitive experiences and many have ended with the line "If only I'd listened to my instincts/gut feeling/voice etc" That's not to say the outcome would have changed at all, just that by listening, awareness would have increased and a step forward would have been made.

With growing awareness I am listening more, paying attention and I feel, as a result, evolving.

I am finding my centre and it's not driven by the external need for gratification or fulfillment, it comes from within.

I sincerely hope Tony's books (and Karl's) extend that awareness far and wide. I strongly believe this theory and what is yet to come has huge spiritual and scientific implications.

This is how it impacts on my life, the desire to learn, grow, evolve and have the knowledge that I am part of it all and it is all part f me.