Monday 9 June 2008

Thou Art That

Are the Repeat Matrix-Eidolon Lives Really Parallel Selves?

Last night's dream
(quoting from my bedside tape recorder):

“I don’t what this is. If this is the 2nd attention it’s even crazier than I thought. Maybe I am getting a taste of the really distant parallel selves, not simply the left side of this life but a whole other Universe? I don’t know. This was not an ordinary dream. It wasn't even an ordinary second attention experience. Christ. I don’t know what the fuck it was. God almighty. Who am I?”

I will spare you all the full content of the Dream, but here are few fragments:

There is this big roomful of people. A girl I used to know comes up and lays into me with a vicious verbal attack. This witch is full of hatred and I have to try and stop her. I wave my left hand at her and I say “You’ve got death in your pussy,” and tell her she is going to die because of a disease inside her. It’s not a curse. I am telling her what I see. She looks frightened and ceases her attack, starts asking me if it’s true. I walk away and go to this woman who is my ex-wife, only she seems to also be a light-skinned negro. Yet it is definitely her. She is wearing a turquoise dress. I say to her (this is intensely real now): “I don’t want to spend too much time over this because I am starting to remember what I worked so hard to forget.”

This guy shows up. His name is “Bling.” He reminds me of a guy I know, in fact he’s a different version of him. He is with two other guys whom I also recognize as alternate versions of people I know—they are parallel universe beings. I say to one of them, “You’re like—— I ask him how two versions of the same person can be so different, and yet be aware of each other (or is it that I wonder how one can be aware of the other, but not vice versa?). None of them has an answer. We all have the same thought at the same time: if Castaneda couldn’t describe this in a way that was comprehensible in six books (actually ten), then we sure as hell can’t do it in half an hour! I joke, “I guess that’s why those books are such a relief to read—they confirm what we already know!” Then we all say simultaneously, “I knew I was mad!”

It’s a joke, but it’s a damn serious one.

I woke up sweating right after that.

The 2nd attention is about as weird as it gets, but at least people are recognizable there. In this case, the people I knew were not their first attention selves at all (yet they were still recognizable).

This dream followed a conversation I had the night before about Tony's thesis, in which myself and a friend attempted to reconcile AP's idea with that of reincarnation. We reached the same conclusion in different ways. My friend's idea was that BEFORE a Daimon can reincarnate (i.e., create a new Eidolon), it must first perfect the life of its current Eidolon, in other words, spend however many aeons needed in the "simulator-Matrix," until that User-ID is fully completed. At this point (or so I argued) it fuses all the different Eidolon-lives into a single "memory-strand" (aspect of the Daimon), and returns to the timestream for a new incarnation.

My idea was similar but not the same: I imagined the Daimon, rather than simply staying close to the IMAX-simulation zone until the Eidolon is perfected, leaving a part of itself in the Matrix-IMAX and then reincarnating in Real Time, missing that fragment of its Totality. This is then really a question whether the many similar-but-not-identical lives exist in time or in space, so since we live in a spacetime continuum, it is really six of one half a dozen of the other.

But here I posit the idea of the IMAX/Matrix multiple life-runs being synonymous with parallel selves exisiting simultaenously - right now - with our current selves, only in other Universes. You may ask, what's the difference. I'd say the answer is this: the Daimonic objective would then be less to "perfect a life" through repeat simulations, amd rather to bring together all the parallel selves that are living now, into a single fused consciousness, that of the Daimon.

This wouldn't be the ultimate goal, however, only the ultimate goal of that particular incarnation. Subsequent incarnations would increase the capacity of each new Eidolon to encompass a larger portion of the total awareness of the Daimon, until the final incarnation, which would fuse together, not only all the multiple parallel selves of that life, but those of ALL LIVES, through Space and Time.

And thou Art that.

And we wonder why we have trouble remembering our dreams?!

Lucid Be.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Jake: I have SO much to say, but no time to say it owing to the fact that you posted this on a day when so many other posts had also been published!

BUT, keeping aside the rather obvious psychoanalytical dream analysis I could employ, I will say this:

Your initial question regarding Are the Repeat Matrix-Eidolon Lives Really Parallel Selves? is a very good question, and one which I answered (and posited a new approach to the MWI and MMI Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics) within my CtCw theory (see here for an introduction to my theory (born from the seed of ITLAD), and here for a workable analogy)

To quote from my own later comment to my original post:

”Imagine that indeed there are Many Alternate Worlds out there (MWI/MMI) - those parallel universes being everybody we know!!!!!!!
It is only in our own subjective consciousness that things are "as they are" to us. In effect the Multiverse is all around us, we are all one individual universe of our own subjectively observed making. The Parallel Universes within initial Everettian MWI are thus actually the Parallel Lives that others live with us, contemporaneously, as separate-conscious(ly) observed particles from the objective consciousness wave. So things are only as you observe them to be, in your own subjective consciousness.”

Finally, to address your question re the reconciliation of CTF with Reincarnation, I would quote this from another previous post of mine:

”Where my theory splits from CTF is that I don't see the ‘recurrences’ as being ETERNAL, but are in fact finite in number (that number however being very very large) as Space-Time cannot be infinitely sub-divided. (See Cantor’s Infinities and my Quantum of Time posts)

So, at the end of what I term the Ultimate Life (that LAST run-through when the Daemon and Eidolon have fused and the Daemon has no need for the Eidolon, nor to record the life, as there in no space-time left in which to present a replay) I suggest we therefore lose sentience and once no longer observing empirical input we ‘un-collapse’ our particle of consciousness and it ascends back to the Consciousness Field and the Akashic Records, to mix freely with all other consciousnesses and perhaps be then collapsed again in a new form by a newly born sentience. Thus our subjective life is run many, many, many times over but objectively we never die as part of us is always within a part of other’s consciousness. This would explain Reincarnation, Past Life Regression etc. For when a computer dies and can no longer access the internet wave, the internet itself is unaffected, and so I assert is ultimate objective consciousness. We are just one particle of the wave which contains the memories of everything that has ever happened and everyone that has ever ‘lived’.

And some of us do NOT have trouble remembering our dreams! We LUCIDLY live them.
*knowing smile*

I wish I had more time to comment but other posts demand equal time, I would seriously recommend you read through some of the many related posts (not just my own) on these very questions you raise.

Jason Kephas said...

thanks Karl, will do

Shiva said...

Reminds me of a couple of things;
Jane Robert's book "Oversoul seven" about parallel lives,
and a time when I was regualry lucid dreaming. I would materialize in a blaze of colours into the same Diner in a small town. Everyone on the Diner would say , " here he comes, back again!"
I would hang out for a short while , until I couldnt keep my feet on the gorund, then I would de-materialize to the shout of , " oh! there he goes again!"