Friday 13 June 2008

Yannik Noah's Precognition

Today I received an Email from the Swiss NDE researcher Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino. I owe Evelyn a great deal - she has been a great supporter of my work for the last few years. Indeed Evelyn is an extremely talented writer. One of the most touching books I have ever read is her novel Talking With Angel. This is moving story of a young girl battling leukaemia who eventually realises she is going to die. However as death approaches her "Daemon" manifests itself within her favourite doll, Angel. The book then has another child describe in vivid detail his NDE experience. This book will have you in tears but it is ultimately very uplifting and totally itladian in its themes and subject matter.

Evelyn watched a TV programme and thought that I may find what was said of great interest. She is quite right - and I am sure the members of this blog may find this interesting as well. Evelyn wrote:

Yannik Noah told an interesting story yesterday on TV: the night before playing his first finals in Wimbledon, he made a dream: he dreamt the forthcoming match in detail, he saw every point, the mistakes he made, the points he won, everything in great detail. He won the first set, lost the second, won the 3rd, lost the 4th and lost the 5th. When we woke up in the morning, he was disappointed and unmotivated to get up and get ready to play the finals. Then, all of a sudden, he became aware that he had a second chance, that the finals were not over and lost yet. He became very excited. During the match in real life, he could avoid all the mistakes he had made during his dream and win the finals.Extremely interesting, isn't it? It's like if he had lost the match in one world during the night and won it in parallel world the following day. A good example of the parallel world theory!

It most certainly is .... and yet more experiential evidence for the Bohmian IMAX!


johar said...
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johar said...

The book sounds wonderful, Tony, I'll add it to the list!

Regarding the Yannik Noah story, this certainly suggests to me that he lost the match in a previous run within the Bohmian IMAX. This time, the daemon presented him with the previous recording via a dream so he had the opportunity to change the outcome. A brilliant example of daemonic work at play.

What a cheater!!! LOL

SM Kovalinsky said...

Yes, this is an excellent support to your Bohminan IMAX and fascinating to read. I have always considered that most of your theorizing is upheld to a marked degree by evidence and experiment: It is empirically real, and not mere theory in the end. That is a strength and potency of CTF which I would love to write more on; especially the aspects which can make inroads into innovative and new ways in which the various disciplines can incorporate CTF and be viewed from different perspectives by its influence. (*By the way, Tony: I can't remember where I saw it, but it seems you spoke of Library Thing, and a review? or did I imagine it? As it is almost a tenant of my religion to aid you where I can, I hesitate only because I remembered they said no reviews. SMK)----

Anthony Peake said...

SUSAN MARIE: Yes, the link to Library Thing is in one of the sections on the right hand column. If you do place something on that site I will be so grateful.
Thanks for your observations on the "reality" of CTF and Itlad. We will never objectively "prove" it but clearly we are onto something.

JOHAR: Great observation.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Tony: I will do so this weekend. SMK

Karl Le Marcs said...

Interesting! Tony and I briefly talked about Evelyn when we met up in the, ITLADic meeting hall, on Thursday.