Monday 9 June 2008

Slow moving idea?

What if the reason we can't act on a particular impulse is that the idea hasn't reached us yet? By this I mean that like the track of a record, we know it's there as potential in Daemonic reality but it hasn't reached us yet, Eidolon wise (in actuality)? (See prediction test post too in this respect). It could explain anticipation, boredom and purgatory as waiting for the number 37 bus to arrive (The lightning has flashed, the thunder will follow - the subjective idea has flashed into your mind but the corporeal reality hasn't yet materialized).

This I call also The Thrill Ride Phenomena because you want to go round and round again, until bored (Know the experience or music track, in intimate detail, so you don't want to get reincarnated into it ever again). It's also the detective story, where you pick up the clues, until you solve the mystery that has held you enthralled until now (Who did what to whom, where, when and why).

What if 'taste' is proof of this? (What we like now and don't like, even without investigation, indicates former love that we've moved on from, last time we were in this particular time loop and therefore don't need to hear/ experience ever again because we know what would be coming).

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Karl Le Marcs said...

Paige: There is much research (discussed and posted on this blog by various people) into this temporal time delay between what is observed and what is then presented to subjective consciousness.

Whether this is Left-Right Brain Psychology or the Daemon-Eidolon Dyad has been the main discourse within these posts.

If I get time later (after plowing through everything posted today) I will place some links to those previous posts for you to read which will then hopefully provide some insight and suggested answers for you to ponder over.