Wednesday 11 June 2008

Pendulum effect (II)

Life moves in Dyads. (in)sight and optimism - that is the challenge of little hope, that draws us into the world (connection/ re-membering) as sound and pessimism (giant despair) release us out of it (disconnection/relaxing/forgetting (Lethe)): Not so much fits as shaking lose the hold we have on this life. This is the mechanism that moves us between the two worlds of Daemon and Eidolon or what I call the Accumulation/ Discharge Cycle. This is seen in Art as that which draws your attention down and into studying the present (intellect) as Music is that which releases our attention from a particular point in time and place, creating e-motion and motion (dance). This makes sense of the senses as either drawing you into or out of your 'self'/ world (Smell and taste as passive parts of the same whole as touch and feel are, look and see, speak and hear). Manic-depression or bi-polar disease shows this off best of all as you can see the addictive quality of it all and the explanation for the negativity (disconnection low - connection high). In fact death is going cold turkey on life (cessation of all movement between the two planes of existence as life is going freely and rapidly from one to the other: Thought and action (every period of unconsciousness is a trip back to Daemonland (sleep, thinking, injury, illness, death) as every period of consciousness is a trip out and forward into Eidolon territory - the artist effect of stepping back to observe and forward to act or the temptation to get involved versus resistance to this urge).

By the way life is gradual change as death is instantaneous transformation (part or whole). Think of a building - demolished in a day but built up over a long period as with a life form. This is why life is hard but death is easy (The easy way out but the hard way in or creativity and preservation versus destruction). This is the moral issue with children now going about in knife and gun wielding gangs.

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Karl Le Marcs said...

Paige: Sorry Paige, I missed this post in the maelstrom of activity!!

I agree with you (in the most), but I take a slighty different view to the periods of altered consciousness towards unconsciousness being a "trip to Daemonland", as the Daemon is only as conscious as the Eidolon.

Reduced empirical consciousness, I assert, allows us access to the universal field of consciousness which is objective rather than the subjectivity of the Eidolon-Daemon Dyad.

But other than this slight semantic variation I follow your thought-process, yes.