Tuesday 30 October 2007

The Archos Synchronicity Machine

I have just responded to a comment made by Paige on the posting 'Quantum Fermi'. I described how my Archos MP3 player seems to have synchronistic and precognitive abilities. Clearly this is not really the case but it does lend credence to the theory that we all exist within our own Everett Universe that we recreate on a second by second basis. I have argued that coincidences and synchronicities are clues to this state of affairs. But I also believe that our life-memories are used as warnings with regard to things that are about to happen. I can explain this by a personal experience that took place almost exactly four years ago. I was driving on the M62 motorway that links Yorkshire with Lancashire in the North of England. This motorway goes through some pretty barren moorland and weather conditions in late November can get quite bad (remember the movie 'American Werewolf In London'? I am sure that the 'Slaughtered Lamb' pub is located not far off the M62).

Anyway I am driving along in pretty crappy driving conditions. Rain and hail are blasting down and the traffic is both heavy and fast. I have my Archos playing away through the car stereo. As I mentioned in the earlier comment I have over 14,000 MP3 tracks on the Archos so the chance of any one specific track coming up is remote in the extreme. As I am driving along a lorry comes out in front of me with a load of crash-barriers on the back. They looked fairly securely tied so I has happy to drive a short distance behind it. Suddenly a new track comes up on random play. It is 'Round of Blues' by Shawn Colvin. Now there is a history to this particular song. Way back in 1992 I had first heard this track on a free CD that came with a UK music magazine. From the first few bars I knew that this song would be important to me in some strange way that I could not describe. a few days later I bought the album with the track on it (Fat City). For some strange reason that I only now understand I said to my then (common-law) wife that this was the song I wanted played at my funeral. As the words came out of my mouth I remember thinking 'where on earth did that come from'. So strong was this feeling that I continued mentioning this over the years. When I met my present wife I again found myself stressing this self same instruction. I remember once playing the song to her so that she would remember it. Clearly, as I now know, my Daemon was at work.

So you can imagine my shock when this track suddenly appeared on my car stereo. I knew it was a warning. For some reason I put my breaks on and moved my car from the middle lane into the slow lane (my car at the time was a beautifully responsive Mazda RX-8 (as if you wanted to know that) so I was swiftly out of the way of the lorry in front. A split second after I moved, with Shawn still singing away, the barriers detached themselves and crashed down onto the motorway, landing exactly were I would have been. I would have hit them at sixty miles an hour. There is no way I would have survived. Fortunately because I moved no cars were close enough to be involved and the traffic easily negotiated itself around the obstruction.

If CTF is correct then the very last thing I would have perceived in my last life would have been the song 'Round of Blues'. It is as if I had a deep past-life memory association with my death and that song. This is why my Daemon planted the message of Fat City equals funeral. But this saved my life this time "round" as well because I knew that death was close!

But do you want to know what has really just freaked me out - I just looked up the lyrics which I have never really done before. I more enjoyed the tune and its bouncy guitar sound. What I just read made my blood run cold:

Here we go again
Another round of blues
Several miles ago
I set down my angel shoes
On a lost highway
For a better view

and later:

We lost a lot today
We get it back tomorrow
I hear the sound of wheels
I know the rainbow's end.

Scary isn't it - just how relevant are the words "Several miles agoI set down my angel shoes on a lost highway" and "I hear the sound of wheels, I know the rainbow's end".

Its things like this that convince me more and more that CTF is more than just a simple theory!

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Hurlyburly said...

Congratulations on your extended life sir!

So much more exciting than the "I had a incline not to step into the lift" stories you hear.