Sunday 7 October 2007

Childhood Experience

I would like to share an experience that I had in my childhood.
I am now 50 years of age but have always vividly remembered a small moment of my childhood days.
I was 7 or 8 years of age and playing football at school with my classmates. When I say playing I really mean standing still and watching everyone run about, perhaps kicking the ball when it presented itself to me.
Suddenly, I had an extreme realisation that I could do this too. Something in my brain absolutely convinced me that I could play football. From that instant I hunted the ball and ran with it towards goal. From that moment on I was hooked on football and eventually became a very competent player, just missing out on a professional career.
I might add that there was no football links with my family at the time, it just came like a bolt out of the blue.
Football has been a constant source of enjoyment to me and has enhanced my life. I have always remembered the day that something clicked, I can't say it was a voice but it was very vivid.
I have just finished reading your book, Is There Life After Death, which I thoroughly enjoyed and found very thought provoking. Could I have experienced a " Daemon " intervention ?

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Anthony Peake said...


Welcome - and thanks for your comments. It is interesting that a few other people have approached me with sporting evidence for the Daemon. Indeed sporting people sometimes experience a sensation whereby everything seems to just fall into place and something else takes over. This termed "in The Zone".

In the book I deal with the case of the split-brain patient called P.S. After his operation he became two people. His usual, left-brain personality (his Eidolon, when asked what he wanted to do when he grew up said that he would like to be a surveyor. As he did so his right-brain personality (Daemon) was typing the words 'Racing Driver'. Could it be that your daemon is a frustrated David Beckham?