Tuesday 23 October 2007

Dreams that cheat time.

Please forgive me for being vague but i am posting not only from work, but also from memory with regards to what i am making reference to. Anthony, one of the things that stuck with me about your book is the story about the guy (see vague) that had a dream of being executed, which coincided with his headboard hitting his neck. Point being, the dream had lead up to something that hadn't happened yet, that or, as you argue, time and space didn't follow it's normal course and worked backwards.

The reason this stuck with me is because i can remember almost hundreds of similar occasions where i have had dreams like this. They seem to occur mostly when you are are inbetween sleep and waking up. When you are first dosing off at night or even when you go for a nap in the afternoon, morning, whatever your laziness dictates.
Now you may be suprised that i've gone nealry two paragraphs without mentioning a film? It's ok, i won't. But what i will point out is that over the years i have gotten used to falling asleep with a film playing to itself, apparently. Dialogue from some of my favourite movies has often coincided with my dreams as the television blasts out the sound to my sleepy self. This has been a great way of learning about "Lucid dreaming". (ok i lied) In "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" and even more in "Science of sleep", there are tremendous insights into how aware we are as to what is going on when we dream. Michael Gondry needs to read your book sir, i believe he would enjoy it!

So back to the dreams themselves, these include very similar dreams to the one mentioned in your book. For example, I remember having a dream about my father. My father died when i was 6 so i used to have a large amount of reoccuring dreams as a child and even going into my teen years. In my dreams my father was somewhat of a "bad guy" coming to get me if you will, obviously just the misunderstandings of a child aware of a void. As i grew older i began to turn and face him more in my dreams and, of course, as i did the dreams began to stop. I remember one dream, i was about 14, as he came toward me i turned towards him and threw a kick, at that exact same time, the lightbulb in my room which was above my bed fell out and landed on my shin, The impacts felt silmataneous and i went out told my mother what her silly dead husband had just done to me!

Many other dreams though just involve loud noises, like cupboards being slammed at the same time as certain events that happen in dreams. As i've said, i've noticed this more in periods of dosing. Would this indicate that we are more aware of the elements around us when we are in this state of "inbetween"? Either way, all of these dreams share the same problem of understanding how they are leading
up to a climax which doesn't happen in "real time" untill we wake up. Any similar experiences?


Anthony Peake said...

When I receive postings like this I become quite excited because such 'real life' experiences reinforce the whole CTF theory.
The dream you refer to was experienced by the French psychologist Alfred Maury in his book 'Sleep & Dreams'. (For those of you unaware of this event I will place the full quote in the my next posting).
Your experience with the light bulb is quite fascinating and clearly very similar to that experienced by Maury. Clearly you know from personal experience that such things take place. For me only two explanations are possible: either the mind 'back-creates' the dream to accommodate the incident (headboard or light bulb)which implies backwards causation (time reversal) or else the subconscious mind (Daemon) has the ability to scan to the contents of its immediate future (as implied by the experiments by Dick Bierman and Dean Radin). This, of course, implies precognition. In either case both solutions defy our long-held undestanding with rgard to the nature of reality and perception.

By the way, do not worry about the movie references. As a fellow film-buff I see links between movies and CTF all the time!

Hurlyburly said...

If anybody is interested in how others reacted to this, i posted this on my other regular message baord, "The View Askew Message Board"


Anthony Peake said...


Maybe this explains a mystery. Over the last few days or so my website has had a great number of views from the Askew website. I checked this out this morning and I couldn't figure out why this was. Could it be that you have mentioned ITLAD on there? If so thanks - I need as many people to know about my theory as possible.

Hurlyburly said...

I have mentioned it a fair bit. That one guy got the wrong idea about your book if you remember our email conversation?!

They're a fiesty lot the VA'ers but there are some very funny and intelligent people on there. Some ;0)

I may have to start charging you for my promotional work, i've got at least 10 people to but your book on top of my online whoring!

Karen said...

I have had similar experiences one that comes to mind happened when I was in my twenties. I had told a friend that if I was up early on Saturday morning I would go to the market with her but as it was I didn't get to bed the Friday night before until around 3:00am. I remember waking up and wondering what the time was as the clock in my room had stopped. I walked downstairs to the kitchen and looked at the clock it said 11:45 and I thought oh well Im not going to the market today, Then I really woke up and thought oh! that was a dream then I noticed my clock had stopped so I walked downstairs to the kitchen and looked at the clock and it said 11:45.

Dave Richards said...

Devil's advocacy here .. actually raised by my mother-in-law. Maybe the kick took place in your dream because the bulb dropped on your shin and your imagination created a very quick explanation for it in order to sustain a semblance of continuity in your dream. If the bulb hadn't dropped, your dream might have a different ending.