Saturday 6 October 2007


Hi all,

I'm a recently invited newby with a background in software. I also think too much, which is probably why I was invited to join this blog!

For a long time I concurred with Anthony's ideas, insofar as I was fairly convinced that time is circular (so that everything repeats over and over, including our lives). I found that quite depressing until Anthony's book introduced the quantum aspect, by which I take to conclude that we don't necessarily experience the same life again and again (though I suspect most of us do).

On a personal level, I have had a preoccupation with cyclical concepts all of my life - so much so I gravitated towards a tiny corner of software concerned with cyclical processes - digital signal processing. I've always had the feeling that life was a refamiliarisation exercise. Odd! For a while I thought I might have Asperger's Syndrome as people with this condition do exhibit a preocupation with repetitive things.

More recently, I've been thinking about the 'Quantum Suicide' experiment. Last year I had to go into hospital for an operation and it just ocurred to me:- presumably when the anaesthetic was being administered, there was at least one universe where, for some reason, the anaesthetic doesn't work. According to the Quantum Suicide idea, I should have found myself staring back at a perplexed anaesthetist but, no! I went out like a light! No anaesthetic immortality for me!

On that basis, I don't recommend anyone try the Quantum Suicide experiment!

I did actually have a 'Quantum Suicide' experience many years ago, and survived. However, the people that need to know about it are not in this universe so I won't bother to mention it!



Anthony Peake said...

Welcome Carenza,

Interesting comments about the Quantum Siucide theory. You have certainly sent me off thinking about the implications of anaesthetics - particularly as they are a cocktail of chenicals that effect the brain itself. Could it be that your Daemon decided that it would prefer it if its Eidolon was unconscious during the operation and selected that particular Everett unicverse for you? Indee I thought just crossed my mind. During any period of unconsciousness it is reasonable to conclude that it is the Eidolon that becomes unconscious. As such the daemon is always awake and always aware. It is only in death that both the Daemon and the Eidolon cease to exist. Could the solution bre that you (Ediolon) became unconscious but your Daemon did not?

Cheers - and thanks for the posting


Anonymous said...

Interesting idea. I find that this quantum states thing can be a bit of an intellectual dead end. At every moment of every day the quantum dice roll and you split into a different multiverse, so the theory goes.

But is this just unprovable mental gymnastics?