Wednesday 3 October 2007

ITLAD Launched on

Can I request a favour? A new website has been launched in the USA called This presents a simply great idea; it allows people to download books for free. This allows potential readers to evaluate a book and decide if they want to go out and buy it. Now I know that many of you have already bought the book and read it. I am hoping that you may have mentioned the book in passing with friends. They may have been interested but unwilling to go out and buy a book they may not like. Wowio is the answer. I would be so grateful if you could let as many people as possible know about this free offer and ask them to take a look at 'Is There Life After Death'. It will cost them nothing. Not a bad deal eh? My book was launched on the site two weeks ago and it is already no 10 in the best sellers list. With your help we can get it up to number one. After all I wrote the book to get the idea 'out there' to as many people as possible.A direct link to my book on wowie is

Please note that at the moment this facility is only available in the USA.

Cheers & thanking you in anticipation.


Anonymous said...

Hello Anthony Peake,

thanks for visiting my blog and leaving your comment/invitation there. That's exactly the reason why I created such a lengthy profile, so we'd get a chance to connect ourselves by finding similiar interests.

Anyhow, you blog and even more so your book appear extremely interesting, though I have to admit my interest in Philip Dick has been lying dormant a while now, since I hardly find enough time to read all his thought-provoking novels with my many varied interests.

Either way, this opportunity might be a good chance to get back on track and to catch up on Dickian thought and referrence.

Just to quickly introduce myself:
I have discovered Dick as a teenager and he as well as Kurt Vonnegut are the two authors who have invited me to study american literature at the university.
Without knowing it at the time of discovery, Dick's ideas were my first exposure to the problems referred to by the term "postmodernism" within academic circles. My favorite novels of his are 'Ubuk', '3 Stigmatas of Palmer Eldritch' and the Valis-Trilogy.

Since I haven't read your book yet and don't quite know the aim of your blog's discussions, I don't know if I can contribute anything, though I'd definitely like to try and join y'all.
I'm generally well read and open to metaphysical ideas and have also studied philosophy briefly. My expertise lies within the differentiation of modernism and postmodernist discourse in literature and art, as well as philosophy and sociology.
I have a near death-experience to share and plenty of personal experiences with hallucingoenics to offer, if of any interest.
I'm also pretty familiar (if not entirely in favour of) with Castaneda and also Terrence McKenna as well as other drug-related literature.

To my own regret I'm far from a Dick-specialist since my studies of his works were not entirely in depth, yet representative I hope.

Anthony Peake said...


I am sure that your comments and observations will be of great interest to those involved in CTF. I will send you an invite now.