Sunday 21 October 2007

Many Times Before

I am 19 and i live in Leeds, UK. I personally feel like there is not just me, like im being directed from within so to speak, i experience Deja Vu alot, and by alot i mean very often maybe a few time a week. I also feel like i carry alot of history in my mind, and not just history i have lived through, like even though i may have lived this life over and over in an Eternal Return, i have lived it through all the different periods in human history. I seem to know things that i havent read or watched, so i havent been influenced by anything, and its more than just a knowledge, its like i can feel it if something is mentioned about different times, like i was there. I hope that you can let me know what you think?


Anthony Peake said...

Welcome AntnP123. I am so glad that you decided to place your experience on the blog. It certainly seems that something really fascinating is happening to you. If my CTF theory is correct then you have lived your life many times before. During all those previous lives your Daemon has picked up information. It seems that you, as an Eidolon, is able to access the knowledge banks of your Higher Self. What you need to do is try and open up direct communication with your Daemon.

I am hoping that other members of this group may make helpful comments.



Chiron said...

There is one way, I think, of setting up communication with your Daimon. It's called Morning Pages. Julia Cameron mentions this in her book "The Artists Way" and I've found it put forward by Tristine Rayner in her book "The New Diary" and others I don't have their names to hand. Every morning - before you do anything - the moment you awaken you write out in long hand (with pen or pencil) 3 pages in an exercise book of your choosing. Write anything that comes to your mind. In these pages you will begin to ask questions and you yourself will answer back - I believe it is our Daimon that is doing this as it's connected to our subconscious - or indeed is our subconscious mind.