Monday 29 October 2007

Maury's dream interpretation

Personally I think Maury's interpretation of his dream is wrong. The physical object falling on his neck didn't spark off the dream retrospectively but was simply a precognative warning from outside his consciousness (the Daemon trying to tell him the object was loose and was going to fall on him). He, being totally wrapped in sleep was oblivious to the external world but this sensor mechanism wasn't and tried to warn him. Even upon waking he was unaware of his daemon, so tried to reason out what happened purley from the mechanistic universe angle of Newton - hence the object must have caused the dream backwards, rather than an unconscious part of him, tried to warn him in his dream state of that which it was aware of.


Anthony Peake said...

Thanks for the comment. In ITLAD I think I was trying to prove two things at the same time with regard to the Maury example; either we (or more accurately our Daemon) can, like Philip K Dick's Precogs, monitor the content of our immediate future (as has been implied by recent experiments by Dean Radin and Dick Bierman cited on page 66 of ITLAD), or the brain records external sensory information and delays it by a process analogous to buffering before presenting it to consciousnes. In this way our awareness is always behind what is actually happening 'out there'. thus the board had already fell on Maury's head which stimulated the dream. This is implied by such psychological anomolies as the PHI Experiment, The Cutaneous Rabbit Experiment and the Kornhuber Experiment (as discussed on pages 66 and 67 of ITLAD).

In my opinion either posssibility supports CTF but I always have the feeling that the actual truth has to be one or the other. Not both. What do you think?

paigetheoracle said...

Well judging by my experience it's the latter. Looking at the outside world for analogies and examples, film has to be developed but the image has already arrived on the print and also it's a question of storage as I think I said elsewhere: The material has to be sorted and processed to make sense/ be used