Tuesday 23 October 2007

Sleep Paralysis

I wasn't too sure wether to get greedy and start a new Topic for this but something that seems to be very tied in with this subject is "Sleep Paralysis".

This has happened to me many many times and you can feel the pull or strain on your brain when it does happen.

Say, for example you are lying in a certain position on your bed, you have a particular view of certain objects in the room. Sleep paralysis seems to cause you to intitialy think you're awake when you can see these objects. Then you realise you're actualy still asleep becuase you can see your body also, but it won't move. You try desparately to throw your arms and legs but your are paralized. Eventualy, after what feels like shaking your head violently, you manage to wake yourself up and re-enter your body .

Anybody else experience this or see a link between this and our Two "Dreams that cheat time" posts?


dh said...

Hi Anthony and all the team bloggers here.

Yeah, I've had experiences of sleep paralysis myself. In fact the state you're talking about seems to be that 'borderline' of consciousness halfway between waking and sleeping. Actually this borderline realm seems to be the pivitol place in consciousness between the conscious awake part of the mind and the deeper subconscious mind.Many occultists and mystics know that from this borderline state it is also possible to consciously experience Astral projection or 'Out of Body' experiences.
Have you ever experienced the sensation of dreaming and suddenly 'knowing' you were in fact asleep and dreaming? In a sense it was as if you woke up in a dream.

On a seperate note, my appologies for taking so long to actually begin commenting on your excellent blog!


P.S. My blogger tag is 'Indie' in case you wondered who the heck I was - lol

Hurlyburly said...

I have had dreams where i know i am dreaming and began to discuss previous dreams i had that night in the dream. This happened to me again last night. Sorry for the quick reply, must get back to work

dh said...

Hi hurlyburly,

No worries about quick reply, we all have to work!

Thats interesting that you do have those type of experiences. I know of lots of people who have never experienced 'lucid' moments of awareness in the dream state. Do you think that people who are prone to this type of lucidity exhibit certain specific characteristics in other areas? For example, do you have moments of 'knowing' something is going to happen before it does? I mean like ESP and intuition?


Anthony Peake said...

Hi guys,
Just to let you know that one of my contacts in The Scientific & Medical Network is a guy called Dr. Tony Obanye. Tony's area of research is sleep paralysis (because, as he tells me, he experiences this himself). I have sent him an email and I am hoping he may join in the discussion.

dh said...

Hi Anthony,

Hey I hope he does comment, should be interesting!

I was having a moment of sychronisity earlier when a design collective called the 'Tomato Project' came to mind. They produced the art work for 'Undergrounds' album from the early 90's 'Mmmmm...sky scraper'
The collective took there name from this source of information ( quoted below) which I think might be relevant to our discussion about how certain types of people are more prone to strange types of sleep paralysis and creative patterns.

"T.O./m/T.O. is the scientific name for a family of sub beta hormones residing within the cerebral cortex of people who are susceptible to visions, waking dreams, sensations and feelings of weightlessness. This origin, with its mind/brain associations, is explained by tomato, who are proactive in linking their name to both images of the fruit (tomato sauce and redhot tomatoes appear on their web page), and to Internet/state of the art communication, implied by slashes and dots which give the name a URL look. This name, with its dual imagery, provides a clever identity, sophisticated and at the same time down to earth, postmodernist in outlook, revealing part of their process in the creation of their own identity to the world."

This might be slightly off topic but I wanted to include it.

Hurlyburly said...

Decafe :0)

dh said...


In agree!

My point was brain chemicals can also seem to trigger sleep paralysis type experiences!

paigetheoracle said...

Indie's comments remind of two things - firstly I've only ever had one sleep paralysis incident (Scary childhood episode, that left me wimpering outside my parents bedroom, when I could finally get my body to work).

The second thing is vivid dreams I had, one of which was staying at a friends and waking up, to float out the window - only to wake up again and do the same thing again, totally and really waking up in bed the third time but not floating out the window this time.

Another lucid dream was being chased by a greyhound bus at night, that was above me on the highway and that crashed down the slope towards me. At which point I woke up screaming)

Another dream had me in a 'C' shaped building, with my partner Margaret waving to me across the gap (The middle chunk of the building was between us). Suddenly the door to the left, into the corridor, crept slowly opened to reveal nothing(again I woke up screaming (The left side is the site of my migraine attacks by the way).

The last dream was on the same theme and involved me being in my parents old home, with one of my present dogs, when the back door slowly crept open - to reveal nothing, again. Yes, you guessed it, I woke up whimpering as I was too asleep to scream this time.

As for unusual events surrounding me - yes I am this kind of personality. I saw flying saucers in my home town twice - one in broad daylight and featuring in Operation Trojan Horse by John Keel (seen worldwide apparently).

I also knew a girl I almost started a relationship with was sleeping with someone else, suddenly as I was walking along the street, only to have it confirmed by catching them in flagrante delicto ('Oh my God it's Tony!'). Another girl I had a brief fling with, was flung into my arms by a phantom door knocker (We thought it was the landlord back, so retired upstairs to my room and the rest was history).

I also had several bedroom visitors as they call it, living in Cromarty and twice in Thurso (translucent Grey alien, floating at the bottom of the bedroom, our old dog astrally projecting itself just before it died and two solid looking dark beings, with red glowing eyes - seen in the Blue Mountains of Australia originally but also in the UK according to a researcher, who contacted me about it). Funnily enough the Caithness apparitions appeared as I went to bed, whereas the earlier ones woke me up out of sleep: A rainbow type effect over the bed when I got in, after watching a program about Indigo kids on Channel 4 and a giant hooded figure, like a monk as I hopped into bed and turned out the lights on another night. By the way, harping back to Cromarty, Margaret said she saw a gigantic hooded figurein broad daylight standing behind me in the kitchen, when we lived there (I never saw it until Thurso)

Anthony Peake said...

Synchronicities continue. Today is proving to be very odd. This is the actual wording of an enmail I sent this morning to American writer Brent Raynes:

30/10/2007 12:27:35 GMT Standard Time

"On another tack a really weird synchronicity took place yesterday. My wife sent me into the attic to find something. There are many boxes and things up there. For some reason I felt the urge to open one of them. It contained books that I had long thought lost. Sitting on top was my original 1971 paperback copy of John Keel's Project Trojan Horse. I thought I had lost it years and years ago but of course I had been thinking about it recently. I have now started reading it again!"

What is happening here?

Anthony Peake said...

Can you remember which page of Keel's book references the event? It would be interesting to read about this. I have the book (1971 edition) sitting on right next to my computer screen so it would be fascinating to read it whilst in contact with somebody who actually experienced the event.

I am hoping that John may join in with this blog. He is aware of it and I am sure that he will be really pleased that his books are being referenced.

paigetheoracle said...

Sorry, no. What I do remember though was that it was illustrated at the front (inside cover?), where there was a load of pictures showing different craft and it was a big, black needle shape, which in my version slowly drifted between cloud banks and was visible for ten minutes (ignored by schoolmates with me, including a cousin). It was several hundred feet long.

paigetheoracle said...

Could sleep paralysis = mini-rigor mortis?

Could macropsia = Daimon perspective on the way in and micropsia = Eidolon on the way out? (back to consciousness and the driving seat versus popping out for a moment).

paigetheoracle said...

I thought my down time (semi-paralysis) was Parkinsons at one point, brain damage from all my migraine episodes or early Alzheimers but now I think it might be mini-sleep paralysis incidents (depression is Eidolon forming as elation is I believe, energy releasing daemonic power.

Hurlyburly said...

Reccomend the film WAKING LIFE for anyone enjoying this discussion