Tuesday 22 January 2008


I have been checking todays posts via my WIFI Archos so it is difficult to post anything complex. Suffice to say I would like to thank everybody for what has been a fantastic day of postings and comments. You will be pleased to know that on my travels I have come across yet more people fascinated in what we are creating here .. a virtual community of like-minded individuals spread right across the Globe. This is our site now ... it is much bigger than just me and my book. All I can again say is thank you. I will be back in front of my PC on Friday but I will be keeping up to date on what is being posted.


Hurlyburly said...

Glad you are well sir, keep up the good work and keeping spreading the truth! Meanwhile, just been watching the sad news about Heath Ledger passing away, quite sad news indeed.

SM Kovalinsky said...

I felt very saddened when I heard about Heath Ledger as well. I only knew him from Brokeback Mountain, but I thought he was quite beautiful in it. There was something transcendent about him. Death will only make his performance all the more mystical, even mythical. I think Anthony's theories serve to help us embrace this kind of sad news: he has gone to the realm of his daemon.

johar said...

Thank you for this board, it has inspired and enlightened me as did your book. XX

SM Kovalinsky said...

Anthony; I echo johar's sentiments exactly. All praise and thanks be to Anthony Peake, the founder of our feast, long life to him!

Karl Le Marcs said...

(er, not Beth, obviously)
*crudely obscure gag*
Hope your travels are treating you well Tony.