Saturday 5 January 2008

How Anthony's book found me.

I would like to share my story with you. I was doing a radio show in London as I work as a psychic here in the UK, I like to call myself a remote viewer. I was sitting at the railway station and this woman fell over her bag and everything fell out, including Tonys book , I helped her up and picked up her stuff that fell out of her bag, I was left holding this book. She said "you can have that if you like, I've just finished it". So I said "oh, no thanks, I don't find time to read books or really like reading them, its not a hobby of mine"(I might add that I have never read a book from start to finish except the 5 page books we get at school when we are aged 5 )
She said, "no I insist it's meant for you", so I said thanks. I thought to myself what a nutcase, and off she went never to be seen again by me. The train was late and I got bored so started to read the book. The night before I had watched the film Groundhog Day so you can imagine what I was thinking as I started to read your book. I was hooked. I cancelled my work that day - 2 radio shows - and sat and read the whole book. It was fantastic! To be honestI am a very psychic person but I do not believe that my messages come from spirit but I have to say this to my clients otherwise people don't believe, and the fun goes out of it. So your book helped me understand a bit more about myself and what happens when I close the fridge door at night! lol.


Hurlyburly said...

Wow! and i thought me walking past the shop and then going back for some unknown reason to find his book was a great story! But yours wins...just

But don't gloat ok?

Anthony Peake said...

Strange thing is how I came across the book. I found it nestling in the recesses of my head!