Thursday 31 January 2008

This time around.

If you are correct (which of course you are good sir!)than you have lived similar versions of your life over and over several times. Let's just imagine this theory is correct:

1) What can we actualy do with this information knowing that we can only exist within the time frame of our mortal lives? (Others that are born after us may not exist in our worlds after a certain point but they will still go on to create different future events)

2) This life is one of many possibilities based on your decisions. Deja vu, premonitions and other Daemon provoked warnings can slightly alter the course of our lives correct? So do you see this panning out as a constant moving towards "Getting it right/being one with God (however you want to perceive it)? OR are we destined to fluctuate from one version to another? If your Daemon tries to alter something earlier on in your life next time around, will this COMPLETELY change your future, leaving you to never create this theory and do the things you have done (doomed back to the future type scenario) or can smaller details be ironed out leaving the grand framework in the individual quest for meaning uninteruppted?

I hope that makes sense, my sincere apologies if subtitles are needed.


SM Kovalinsky said...

HB: Thanks for posting this; I am waiting with bated breath for Anthony's response. You have set forth my own questions, almost precisely. I love how you always call him, "good sir" - as if you expect him to box your ears; just kidding, it is charming! And he seems to have that effect on us all. Let us see what the Master says. . .

Anthony Peake said...

Hi HB.

I think I can try to answer both questions in one answer.

By using this information - or more accurately the information that your Daemon decides that you (your Eidolon)needs to know this time round - you can change what happens within this Bohmian IMAX. As such you learn in the way that Phil Conners does in the movie 'Groundhog Day'. By making a different decision this time you - or more accurately this particular version of you - moves along a different life-track and fulfills a different destiny to last time. Again to use another movie analogy (I know you like these) what takes place in 'The Butterfly Effect'. Each possible alternative route that your life can take exists out there along the way. Which path you chose this time will depend upon your Daemon. Indeed you may have taken that path many times before and the Daemon wishes to test out another alternative that will present itself at some time in the future. In this way the Dyad can try every possible life-route until it finds the perfect one.

Now your second question is metaphysical in that you are asking 'why' the Bohmian IMAX exists - for what purpose if you like - rather than 'how' it exists. The answer to the 'why' question is far more difficult because we are moving into an area of philosophy termed 'teleology'. You are probably aware that technically this is to attempt an explanation of phenomena by the purpose they serve rather than by postulated causes.

Your question about whether a small Daemonically-induced change can bring about total change in your life is, in my opinion, again elegantly presented in "The Butterfly Effect".

I am sure that in many previous iterations I did not write ITLAD. When we meet next week I will explain in detail, if you wish, the curious changes that took place in my life to place me in exactly the right place to write this book. I know in a very deep way that my life was very different last time - I sometimes feel that I slip into that alternative universe when I dream.

I am not sure if that really answers your question - let me know if it did.

Hurlyburly said...


Although are you aware you just compared creating the perfect life/becoming one with god, to winning over Andie Mcdowell?!

Re - Alternative universe during dreams - This is exactly my opinion of what dreams are, similar but different things going on. The more peculiar dreams are rarer for a reason, they're further away to us in our many worlds. I've had Deja Vu from dreams before, which would explain a lot.

Jesamyn said...

Good Day to all!!! Thank you Hurly for re phrasing my former similar-type questions albeit couched in more intellectual terms!!!Thank you Susan Marie for your avid and continued interest and input in this Blog and its esteemed Author!!
And thank you esteemed Author for bringing all this into Being!!! I still agree as above and from my very first tentative e mail to yourself which you so kindly and promptly answered,(ensuring my eternal devotion to these ideas). Re Lucid Dreaming:-I believe that this apparently alternative Universe is interwoven with your theory. As I have bleated here before, I never seem to have a lot of time for research and reading at present but I still want to pursue my idea of visiting my departed Soul Mate via Lucid Dreams, where I hope and believe he is creating our Home together whether in Eternal Recurrence or alternative Reality, as long as we are together again, I do not care!!!
Sorry for rambling, but as my old favourite Elton sang "How Wonderful Life is While Youre in the WOrld" so thank you Anthony!! And thank you Susan Marie and all bloggers who are changing our lives by changing ourselves.
Highest regards and esteem as always, Jesamyn.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Blimey! I wish I had more time to write a reply to this, maybe next time but my hour at the library is nearly up. DAMN TIME !!!!!!