Saturday 26 January 2008

Time-lapse-prediction-deja vu-kinda-thing

Ok, my apologies in advance if this post doesn't make too much sense but i've considered sharing this small amount of potentialy relevant information since the many Deja Vu posts and that last Groundhog Christmas one has made up my mind for me!

Sometimes whilst sitting around all walking about you simply just come out with stuff; adverts, songs, catchphrases ect. There have been probably at least two occasions, and one in particular where something rather strange happened to me. I was walking along with a friend and my mind was a bit distracted, i was thinking about something else and had kind of zoned out while my friend was talking, wasn't listening what-so-ever. He began to ask me several questions to which, i promise you, i didn't consciously hear a single one. Despite not even listening at all, i started blurted out random words and i wasn't sure why, these were of course, accurate answers to what my friend was asking me.

Now my issue with this isn't so much that, obviously on some level i must have somehow heard him, my issue is with the level of distraction i was in experiencing and is it possible that my Daemon had for some reason prompted some answers from me. From what i understand, the Daemon is receptive but not resposive right? This strange compulsion to say certain words when we're not sure why, very weird indeed.

I guess it's sort of like when you glance at a newspaper/magazine/book and despite looking in one direction you notice something else out of your focus, the things we pick up on that we technically shouldn't (well at least according to some) are quite remarkable.

I hope somebody understands where i'm coming from and can make some helpful comments, If not, i'll just pretend i'm drunk, so there. Having experienced both Deja vu and time lapse before, i can only comment by saying this felt very similar in afterward sensation.


SM Kovalinsky said...

HURLYBURLY: I have indeed experienced that exact phenomenom--it is as though one were on automatic pilot, and the mind is doing a "google search" and spitting out answers on a subconscious level--while the deeper daemon is multitasking and drawing ideas from another source. Very difficult to explain--but you do not sound drunk, never do to me: sound like a very sharp and profound young lad.

Karen said...

Hi Hurlyburly
I know what you mean, us women call it multi tasking! ha...
No, seriously I do know what you mean. I've even found myself giving out really good advice on something I know absolutely nothing about and thought to myself 'where the (bleep) did that come from'!.
Have you ever had the feeling that your not here?. Now that IS weird and when it happens I always say to whomever I'm with 'Oh! I've got that feeling like I'm not here' and whomever I'm with seems to know exactly what I mean - unless their humouring me?. I cant describe it the only words that come close is its like being on the inside looking out?? if that makes sense?. I suppose thinking rationally it could be a tiredness thing and that is why so many people know what I mean?.
Anyway, you made a really good point that set me thinking....

Hurlyburly said...

Thanks for the kind words Susan. Karen, according to such reliable sources as My space and Facebook i have a 70% female brain so don't go getting too cocky with that multi-tasking nonsense or i'll hit you with some estrogen!!

Karen, i know exactly what you mean. It's basically the auto-pilot feeling. Things are going on around you and your there but your not REALLY there. It's exactly as if your life was merely a film that your are watching but not creating. You're not making decisions or doing anything and you say to yourself "Where the hell am i?" or "what the hell is going on?" I get this ALL the time, when i try to explain it to many others i don't often find much understanding. People - WAKE UP, NONE OF THIS IS REAL!!!