Tuesday 3 June 2008


I hold this site personally responsible for my spending a fortune with Amazon and for the extra weight placed on my already stressed bookshelves!

Not to mention the time spent pondering weighty matters when I should be doing other things!


SM Kovalinsky said...

That is such an unbelievably adorable post! Your "aaaargh" is so cute, because I can relate so well, and you are blurting it out in all innocence. Wonderful.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Woodsprite: I have to admit to being partly guily as charged in that respect!!

I would start an ITLADic BOOK GLOSSARY but such a ventue would be ludicrously massive.

And the the ART and THEATRE references!

Dear Me!

Susan Marie: You said it beautifully with: "Your "aaaargh" is so cute, because I can relate so well, and you are blurting it out in all innocence"

I've often thought any new editions of ITLAD should have a preface stating: "This Book WILL Change Your Life!"
Because it HAS for all of us, it has helped personally, privately and has introduced people to one another, given new senses of direction and comprehension of the illusions of reality and has produced me (well all the other are positive aspects, anyway!!)

If you want some recommendations of books to read in conjunction to ITLAD, I'm ya fella.

johar said...

Woodsprite, Do you think it would be cheaper to have book swaps? Like you, I have a list a mile long on amazon and have bought quite a few and am ploughing through them. Maybe we could share our list, read a different book each and then send it to each other and discuss the content as well? Just a thought, let me know?

Karl Le Marcs said...

Johar: Great Idea!
An ITLADic Book Club!
Unfortunately if you are a raging Bibliophile like me, then parting with any of my books is like heresy!
(which is a huge compliment to Tony for those I have leant to him, partly as I know and trust him enough NOT to bend the spines!!!!)

But to those who are not as book obsessive as me it's a fabo idea JoJo.

Jesamyn said...

Oh I just gotta add my 2 cents worth!!! All everyone says here resonates sooo much!!! I await a new Bookcase as my olde one gave up!! As you say Karl I do not think I can kiss any of my Paper Friends goodbye!! It is a wonder they are not jet -lagged as the older Denizens have journeyed to Cheshire where they resided for 3 years and are now quietly awaiting a new Home probably Oake!!!And their Spines are quite Unbente!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your understanding of my plight!

I love the idea of the book exchange - although I do have Karl-like tendencies to want to hang on to books. (Although I do share with friends as well) So maybe I would be better off with a comprehensive book list.

I was going to suggest a book club a la Richard & Judy but this site already performs this function naturally.

*visualises bank manager with head in hands*

Anthony Peake said...

WOODSPRITE: So many books and so little time!!!

As that great ancient Itladian (and TLEr)Socrates was quoted as saying by Diogenes Laertius:

Ἓν οἶδα ὅτι οὐδὲν οἶδα"

(all I know is that I know nothing).

I for one really agree with this philosophy. More knowledge and reading introduces the reader to yet more concepts, philosophies and ideas that spin off in hundreds of directions. As I get older I am becoming more aware that I have a finite time to read all there is to read. However if itlad is right then we all have many lifetimes to read all we can - and the knowledge gleaned in every lifetime is carried forward within the neuronal banks of the Daemon. Is this why in pub quizes the best way to remember te answer to a question that is eluding your (Eidolonic)memory is to go blank and log into your subconscious (Daemonic) memory. The answer may then just pop into your head.

So how many lives will I need to understand what is going on in the TV series "Lost"?