Friday 13 June 2008


I believe The Oz factor, mentioned by Jenny Randles in connection with UFO's, is actually a withdrawal symptom from Eidolon. Science used to be guided by religious belief but has become atheistic as it has hit denial, which is another symptom of addiction (Denial holds the addiction in place - affirmation (acceptance of the condition) allows it to move on. We are in a very materialistic age - this is because fear of the unknown (letting go of the addictive phase)is trying to put the brake on the return to the Daemonic realm of dreaming or death. To do this it must deny the existence of what it is most afraid of - cessation of the addiction and a return to a more pristine state of childhood (innocence). As the joke goes "If I can't take it with me, I am not going!". This is silly because life is a conveyor belt of change and nothing you can do will stop it, only slow down the inevitable (The thrill ride is over, now get off and let someone else on).

Addiction goes through several stages, no matter what it is that you're in pursuit of: Fear that you are not going to get what you want (desire), followed by being stunned that you have got it (calm). Then excitement and looking forward to it (Hooked stage), followed by demanding it as a right (I want my addiction fed!). What follows next is being drunk on power and the carelessness that leads to accidents (bored stage). This is followed by the hangover stage (regret). Lastly comes anger and cold turkey (Never again!) - backing out of the situation. This is then followed by Lethe (forgetting)and restart of the cycle because you can't remember doing it in the first place (Painful memories act as a barrier, keeping us conscious, awake, aware and away from involvement as neutrality leaves us free to pick and choose whether to get involved again or not (The pursuit we call 'pleasure').


Shiva said...

A Budhhist verse comes to mind after reading your lucid description of addition :

> There is no fire like lust, no crime like hate.
> There is no net like delusion, no river like desire.
> There is no ill like the body,
> no bliss higher than peace.
I wrote this poem :

With the single breath of a thoughtless thought, the embers of desire burst into flame! An insatiable fire, consuming all consiousness. That's the key - I think....

A walking sleep, three score years and ten; this is the lot of earthly men. A moment here, a second there. By Buddha's Grace we become aware.
Only to fall again in slumber. So easily forgot, those times of Wonder.
For Myra leads an artful team. Ensuring sleep; this lifelong dream.
Eight billion people, yet he knows us all. How to trip us up ; how to make us fall.
What is his goal? I often wonder. Does he work so, our souls to plunder.
Then what?
To thumb his nose and say with glee,"ha! , Buddha I am so much better than thee!"

Easier to fall from high than to climb a stair.
Easier to sleep than become aware.
Then , why struggle? I dont see the Light, I don't feel the loss.
And yet..
I recall a moment. Dimly aware, did I see the Light?
Did I become free from that dross?

What bliss is ignorance!
And what pain that glimpse of Light. And so I struggle in in this endless night.
To sleep per chance to dream??? Ha! Maybe that is Myra's theme! For those who struggle, for those who dare there is a chance to become aware. I'm sure!

But our Light is like a candle in the wind of our desires. How dim it glows compared to their mighty fires! Through this sleep of life they blaze! as we stoke them constantly, our minds in a haze.

The danger though, when we point to their existence ; they increase tenfold and with greater persistence. What a dreadful box I have opened ; how can I increase my own resistance?

I'm sure that Buddha's Light must blaze! desires SO dim they cannot phase.
He seems so passive in the constant toil of Myra's work on man.
What does He do? What is His plan?

Trapped in a circle of fire; desires of my own baking. I see what I've done - the mistakes I've been making. How can I escape from this prison I have so thoughtlessly built? I have but sadness and buckets of guilt.

Fight Fire with Fire! Who said that?
I need weapons - I need a plan.
I need Grace to fuel me - to lead me to who I am.

The Fire of Dispassion; the sword of Discrimination....
I know the words.....
Willpower through diligence and perserverence.

But how to transform mere knowledge into Wisdom? - that perfect use of knowledge with exquisite timing endlessly fuelled by Compassion - True Compassion.

How many lifetimes to gain such a prize! Then , with weapons such as these to use, success is ensured, I cannot lose!

A glimpse of the true Light destroyed the ignorance that was so blissful and angered the desires which seem to fight more and more for their own existance.

And so I struggle, painfully aware of my weaknesses ; searching for answers;asking for Buddha's Grace.

With the single breath of a thoughtless thought, the embers of desire burst into flame! An insatiable fire, consuming all consiousness. That's the key - I think.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Paige: I usually tend to agree with most of your streams of consciousness, but I don't on this one on quite a few levels!

I even think that if you re-read this post in a few weeks time, you yourself would disagree.