Thursday 12 June 2008

A Brief First Post: Thank You to Mr. Peake for Changes Wrought By His Theories

Since this is my first post and an introduction , I wanted to say that I am thankful to have had the opportunity to read Mr. Peak's book, to understand his theories, and to experience change due to them. This change wasn't surface but rather has had effects throughout my entire person.

I was 18 years old when my father died after a short and sudden illness, and I was unable to begin college when I was supposed to due to this grief. My mother found Anthony Peake's "Cheating the Ferryman " essay and bought his book, and she had been very disappointed in books on grieving that people would give her. But with this book she told me there was philosophy in it and she trusted its author. So I would take the book at night, and I got so absorbed by the material that I stayed up 2 nights until I had finished it. Peakes' Daemonic realm became a haven for me and an inspiration.

I am a student of US Political Science and theory, and I do most of my reading in this area. But I do not see things as being disconnected at a deeper level. I have been campaigning for Barack Obama and because of the eidolon/daemon dyad theory, I view him from a larger perspective, and have seen the response which Senator Obama generates from the crowds as being taken from the daemon realm and delivered back to American voters in a way which is somehow so important, but I don't have the words to fully explain the process. I think maybe he reveals his daemon in his speeches, and the daemons of others respond. This I am sure is not only symbolic but is factually real. The idea that reading Mr. Peake's book from an original cause of unbearable grief at 18 would lead to my viewing an election process in an entirely new and unusual way is something I must thank him for. This change will stay with me for life. Some of my friends have been fascinated by my description of this new viewpoint and from what source it came. My mother believes more should be written about how Mr. Peake and also Mr. Lemarcs reach into very many spheres of culture and she is planning to write on this important process. A ripple effect, I think they call it in cultural studies. I am positive I want to read his second book and I will be glad to be changed by it as I was by ITLAD. I am sure the other bloggers have their own stories to tell. Mine is not the best but it is honestly important to me and will I guess do for an introduction.


ra from ca said...

Thank you for your post Andrew. Your thoughts and feelings echo my own.

Anthony's book has helped me more than any other through a time of grief, as he highlights the mystery and possibilities of life and death with a wealth of ideas taken from many disciplines.

It is good to know others such as yourself share my enthusiasm.

Hurlyburly said...

Great first post Andrew.

Sorry to hear of the tough time you had over the loss of your father. Many of my friends lost their father around that age and i know how much harder it was for them than it was for me who lost mine when i was 6. Well, i say that, but it's different in different ways.

For me, i've never had the agony of missing anything much so it was no big deal and never felt like anything was absent from my life. However, i never go the chance to know my dad at all which if i think about it hard enough, can be quite a sad thought (but not too sad remember i'm numb inside!)

For you guys you have so much to miss as he saw you turn into the fine young adult you are today sir, but at least you had the chance to spend time with him and enjoy memories that stay with you forever. See it works both ways.

Sounds cliche, but if you remember all of the good times, he really does stay with you forever. There are some people in our lives that aren't deceased but we never see, the difference is very little. Hounouring him by living your life the best way you can, is what i know you will have no problem doing.

Again, welcome.


Anthony Peake said...


Welcome on board! Great to have you here with us. I am sure that you will be able to add so much to our discussions and theories.

Please call me "Tony" - we are all friends here with no deference of any kind.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Andrew: Thank you for posting this personal and moving piece.

I am also delighted to receive the private emails you send me and am very happy to assist you in your ITLADic development.

I truly hope you obtain your wish of lecturing in US Political Science and Theory (with your Mother's guidance and genetic make up I have little doubt that you will succeed and be hugely influential).

From our communications with each other to date Andrew, and through my friendship with your dear Mother, I have every confidence in you as a young man, as an honest and proud person, and with a kindness and gentility that belies your youth.

As I always advise you Andrew, listen to your Mother, for she is not solely your Mother, but is also a wise, intelligent and remarkable human being.

*whispers to Andrew - so stop tugging her hair and saying "who would think Mom is special"*


Andrew Giancarlo said...

Thank you Tony. And to ra from ca and Hurlyburly also.

Andrew Giancarlo said...

Your comments just came through or I would have thanked you for them as I did the others. You speak very kindly to me and I don't know what to say. I will work hard I am sure of that. Mom should not tell you that, I was joking! I of course take all your words greatly to heart and thank you for granting private communication. Thank you sir for taking the time you do with me and my first faltering attempts. Hopefully I will improve with time and contribute writing that is better in substance and quality. Thank you again. AGK

Andrew Giancarlo said...

I also wanted to say thank you again to you Hurlyburly. Your comments are sensitive and I appreciate them. I don't think losing your father at age six can be anything but its own agony so I return the compliment you gave me and hand it back to you, who deserves it more. You are a superb film critic and father loss is the engine of creation as it is for Marshall Mathers. Thank you again.

Ra from ca: Thank you too for sensitive and thoughtful remarks.

Jesamyn said...

Hi again Andy....You have certainly tied in some relevant political views to Tony's theories and you are most perceptive....DON'T SOUND SO HUMBLE!!!! I am not a Quantam Physics expert and some of my posts(maybe ALL???!!!) are quite naive(look back and you will agree!!!) but we are amongst friends here and nobody judges you, all views and comments are welcome and applauded!!!Great to hear your views!!!

Andrew Giancarlo said...

Thank you Jesamyn you are very kind.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Andrew: Thank you, and I am so pleased that everyone has given you such a warm welcome. Even Martin!!

Jesamyn: Jez??? Your comments and especially you post on The PsychoManteum are far from "naive" and are wonderful and FABO and I, for one, love 'em!


johar said...

Hi Andrew, I just want to echo everyone else's thoughts and feelings and welcome you here.

You sound so mature and wise for your years. The perceptive and intuitive links you have made with ITLAD attest to that.

Andrew Giancarlo said...

Thank you Johar. I thought I would be seen as the opposite. You are very gracious to me. AGK

johar said...

Oh and I just wanted to add - COOL NAME!!! *smile*

Andrew Giancarlo said...

Gee thank you! My father and mother named me after the Italian actor Giancarlo Giannini. I sometimes go by Andrew which is my father's name, but also can be called Giancarlo.

Hurlyburly said...

Andrew- Yes there is a rash of talented celebrities out there that lost there fathers at an early age, i always try to cling on to this desparately!

I think it simply reflects their thirst for knowledge, creativity, humour, truth, sympathy and sensitivity which are all learned through our own experiences on our individual quests for meaning.

Don't get me started with that genius Eminem, i'll be here all day, ask your mother! If you ever want to email me sir feel free. Your mother has my email address, if you use that monsterosity that is facebook feel free to add me on there aswell, i admit, it's not for everyone!

You're amongst friends here though sir.

Andrew Giancarlo said...

Oh my, thank you Hurly. I would love to talk about Eminem with you and my Dad loved him dearly too. You said it well on father loss. The emptiness clears a space for creativity and we have a duty to use it well for that. I am honored by your kind words, this blog is teeming with them it looks like to me on only some hours!

johar said...

Hey Hurly can I add you as a friend to facebook?


Karl Le Marcs said...

Oh now! Really?
*looks around for hat*

Karl Le Marcs said...

Actually, trying to make it relevant; If anyone uses Look-At-My-Facebook or any of that nonsense, is it possible to set up an ITLAD group or something?

Just a thought, and partly rhetorical but I'll throw the idea out there.

johar said...

Yes you can set up a group on facebook, Karl, I'll sort some stuff out tomorrow.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Johar: You still up?

Thanks for that JoJo, I wish everything was that simple to organise!


Anthony Peake said...

Hi Guys. I am on Facebook if anybody is interested. However what may be of more interest is that on MySpace I have set up a "Cheating The Ferryman" Group. (see "Other CTF Links" box in the right-hand column).

Of more importance to me is thatsome (all?) of the bloggers on this site take a look at LIBRARY THING. (again check out "Other CTF Links"). I have set up a Group on this which has had no takers thus far. LIBRARY THING is a great site for book lovers. I love it. What would be great would be if some of you were to join in and maybe place some reviews and comments about ITLAD .... only a suggestion!


johar said...

Hi Tony, I've set up a group on Facebook - Is There Life After Death

Hurlyburly said...

Wow! Look at the trouble i've caused reaching out to another Eminem fan. My apologies people!

Johar of course you may add me, my surname is Huxter.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Johar: Thank you, JoJo - I hope everyone who is a member of Facebook will join the group.