Friday 6 June 2008

Daemonic Thoughts

Having been contacted by Tony almost a year ago, I have finally got around to clocking his thesis, and so here I am. Although ostensibly, this delay was simply the result of laziness, I have to say, in defense of the Eidolon/humaton, that the Daimon was at work here. I have just been through a major personal paradigm shift, a central thread of which entails the discovering of male allies. So perhaps the Daimon deliberately kept the Eidolon distratced by other matters, in order to save this alliance for the correct time?

This may seem like unnecessary personal info, but it seemed appropriate to begin with an “Eidolonic” perspective, before moving on to the Daimonic.

Some of you may have heard of me, thanks to Tony's endorsement of my book Matrix Warrior, now out of print, so far as I know (hard to tell these days, what with the afterlife of Amazon). Tony is probably the first person in the scientific community to take my little book seriously. He was kind enough to call it “an absolute masterpiece,” and has suggested that “Is There Life After Death? and Matrix Warrior are like the theory and the practical manual — reflecting each other perfectly.” Having looked into his theories, I have to say I concur with him 100%.

A lot of people called Matrix Warrior Buddhist, maybe because of all religions Buddhism is the most pragmatic, common sense one. My own philosophy (encapsulated but also simplified—even satirized—in MW) is to work with what we’ve got in the here and now, and not to worry too much about the hereafter. That “Heaven” is attainable by each of us right NOW, in this life, and unless we attain it while alive, there is no chance in Hell of getting “there” (to a state of Unitive consciousness) after we die — because then we are “stuck” in the bardo realm, with no possibility of gathering new experiences. (We become ghosts. I touch upon this idea, in suitably sci-fi terms, in MW.)

I believe we are here to collect all the energy/knowledge we can in this life and take it to the Next Realm, or rather, to create an Afterlife, using these experiences as raw material. Gods and Angels, etc, are simply Beings who have already done this, and who now consciously create and maintain their own Reality. As is the Daimon-Lucid, the bridge between human and divine existence?

It seems as though perhaps we are condemned (or allowed?) to relive this one life as many times as possible, until we get it “right,” i.e., use it to connect to that part of us which is “God” — the Universe temporarily experiencing itself as a fragment, rather than the whole. The Daimon, then, is that part of us which is God.

This is just a thumbnail summary of a philosophy - I have so many things to comment on, inspired by Tony’s work (and I haven’t even read his books yet!), and I guess that is what I will be doing, in this place.
Daimon willing!


Anthony Peake said...

JAKE: Fantastic stuff. I am sure that you will find an intellectual home with our little group of Itladian philosophers. We know exactly what you mean by your theories and I am sure, by a process of cross-fertilisation of ideas we will all develop something of world-shaking proportions.

I am intrigued as to whether we are a group of pre-lucids who have found each other via cyberspace and that our little acorn seed here will grow into something that will move worlds!?!

I suspect that the more you read the postings (and comments) on this site the more at home you will feel.

And I know, with absolute certitude, that ITLAD will blow your mind!!!



Jason Kephas said...

i look forward to having my frontal lobe seized.
where can i shoplift it?

Karl Le Marcs said...

Jake: Welcome to the Jungle!

As Tony will no doubt confirm, I can resonate with your recent personal paradigm shift.

It will be interesting to see how my "Collapsing the Consciousness wave (CtCw)" theory of Universal Consciousness fits is, or possibly does not, with your own work.

But that's what we are here for, not blind sycophancy or unconditional acceptance of ideas, but intellectual cross cultural debate with a few bad gags thrown in for good measure, naturally.

Looking forward to seizing your frontals soon!
*erm, did that come out right?*

Do what thou wilt etc etc

SM Kovalinsky said...

One of those rare moments when one must blink in surprise at intuition on another's part (which is so abundant as to blurt out my own deepest thoughts).