Monday 9 June 2008

Death as cold turkey on life

Any new experience means opening up and this includes to death. Life is an addiction to safety and certainty, the way I see it and anything that threatens that is denied. In dreams nightmares wake us up to this fear of extinction of the loved one (Eidolon). This can even be seen in sleep paralysis, where we panic when we realize we can't move and therefore 'our bodies' are at the mercy of those that can.

By addiction I mean reductionism of everything down into the known and known in detail to boot! We hide in this castle of doubt, fearing to go outside of until death in its many forms claim us and we have to go, if only temporarily (The unconsciousness of sleep, thought, illness or injury).


Karl Le Marcs said...

PaigeTheOracle: Paige, my friend, Paige!!

Too many posts dear fellow!

Even I feel I face an uphill struggle keeping up at the moment as I always read EVERYTHING that EVERYONE writes on here!!

You obviously had one of the hypergraphic nights that both you and I experience often, I just think some consideration should have been taken when deciding not just what to post but also when!

*slight grumble over*

”Any new experience means opening up and this includes to death.” - Now, of course, within CTF and ITLAD, we don’t actually reach the point of death, but I take your point.

Our Eidolonic Philosophy is that “Life” is EVERYTHING and that we must hold on to it.

In dreams we, I assert, re-ascend to the wave of consciousness through our altered state of consciousness whilst asleep (those of us who DO sleep, obviously!!!) and here we receive guidance from not just our Daemon (which is, after all, merely that part of subjective consciousness that has lived OUR life before) but also from the Akashic Records of the lives of EVERYONE that has ever lived, and EVERYTHING that has ever happened (and debatably, EVERYTHING that ever WILL happen)

Anyway, the reductionism within addiction of which you speak is a debatable concept but the synonym with subconscious existentialism is very apparent (well at least to me anyway)

Again, much more to say, but I have your other three posts to look at, plus those of everyone else so I must stop there.

paigetheoracle said...

Sorry I overwhelmed you but it is like I've been on holiday and I want to fill people in on where I've been and what I've seen.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Paige: I know that feeling well. But I'm sure you yourself know the feeling you get when a friend reaches for their next role of holiday slides!

Hurlyburly said...

Paige: Your plethora of posts read like Baudrillards "Cool memories"

Random thoughts, random pleasures!