Sunday 8 June 2008

A dream lesson from my Daemon??

It was a few years ago. I fell asleep while reading Jane Robert's Seth book on Dreams and had six consecutive repeats of the same lucid dream until I "got it right". After each dream I briefly woke up.
The dream:
I am upstairs in a strange house and trying to find my way outside.
I walk past an open door, where there is a soft red light and looking in I see several beautiful women. Their sexual energy is SO strong that I cannot resist and so I enter the room. The dream then stops and I wake up.
The same thing happens for the next four repeats of the dream until at the sixth try I manage to overcome the temptation and walk past the open door. I walk downstairs and find the front door.
Standing in front of it I recall what I had read in Robert Monroe's book " Journeys out of the body" and say to myself " well according to Monroe I should be able to just walk throught this "dream" door.
My attempt failed as I banged face-first into the solid door! So I opened the door and went outside. The scenery was amazing ; larger than life colours and textures ( under my bare feet).
I decided I wanted to fly and immediatley was up in the air and flying just over the top of peoples' heads. Passing over a man walking with a young girl I noticed that although the adults around were totally unaware of me, the little girl could see me, and she reached up and touched me as a flew overhead.
I felt a very sharp pain at her touch and again I recalled Monroe's book and thought " well he was wrong about not feeling pain too!"
I saw a temple on a hilltop in the distance and decided to fly to it. Landing there I felt the grass under my feet with such clarity and everything I looked at was like looking "properly" for the very first time; seeing and feeling with utmost clarity.
Then a thought suddenly occured to me that I could choose one thing that I always wanted to do but was never able. A backflip, of all things! came to mind, and suddenly I was doing a perfect flip. I recall seeing the grass and then the sky as I turned.
Then I woke up. It was somehow clear to me that the house was my body-my attachment to illusion- and that it was possible to "let go" of that illusion.
I had the strongest impression that I had just been given a lesson by a very very patient teacher - my Daemon?


johar said...

Hi Shiva,

An interesting and very sensory dream.

How did you come to the conclusion that to leave the house (your body)you had to overcome the 'temptation' of the room with the women in? Do you identify physical desire as a block to your ability to gain greater freedom and enlightenment?

I wonder if the pain you felt in the dream was a reminder, maybe from your daemon, that, despite being a dream, it was still part of your subjective 'reality'?

I sense that you have analyzed this dream deeply and the question you pose at the end of the post is your answer.

Shiva said...

It wasn't a conclusion, it was more of a "knowing" ? Hard to explain the feeling of "knowing" though!
Later I identified sex as an obstacle, but at the time of the dream I was being "told" it was an obstacle... again a "knowing"
Thank you for
"I wonder if the pain you felt in the dream was a reminder, maybe from your daemon, that, despite being a dream, it was still part of your subjective 'reality'? "
That resonates with me.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Shiva: Ooooh now, do you want me to approach my comment with my Psychoanalytical Spectacles on or not?

Anthony Peake said...

SHIVA: Fascinating contribution. We have touched on lucid dreaming many times on this blog and I am convinced, as you say, that many of these are "Daemon" induced. Indeed there is a full member of this blog (who is yet to post ... it would be great to have your comments on this Harold) ... who regularly visits the Monroe Institute in the States and is a very adept "astral traveller".

This kind of vivid dreaming rarely happens to me but I regulaly experience hypnopompic and hypnogogic imagery and I suspect that these phenomenon are related in some way to lucid dreaming.

I know that this is of no real import but your imagery (wonderfully described by the way) has great similarities with Second Life, the virtual reality web-based programme. Indeed could this again be evidence that dreams are clues to the suspicion that we all existing in a Matrix-Like illusion - it is only that the imagery of the programme is more "stable" in "real-life" than in dreams. Of course for "Matrix-Like" read "Bohmian IMAX". (Any observations on this from Jake will be interesting).

Robin said...

Shiva, you might find Second Life interesting. Very similar to your dream world.

paigetheoracle said...

Same dream? My life! I keep waking up here with the real-eyes-ation that I've got to try another angle or just give up and it is the temptation to try that brings us back again and again ad infinitum. Sex is a doorway that holds us here.

What I've realized is that consciousness is waking up to the fact that you are doing the same thing over and over again (Groundhog Day repeats, where you only get to go away permanently, when you finally do what you've come here to do - that is succeed in some task, rather than avoid it).

Karl Le Marcs said...

Tony: I think Jake would probably say you were a Matrix Warrior (or Warrier *smile*)

Now, whether I am a "Lucid" because I dream that way and of my, erm, ‘unusual’ status of consciousness is interesting!!

Paige: There’s a gag in there about Door-Knobs but I’ll leave it alone!!

I agree with you regarding recurrent consciousness (if we are talking about subjective consciousness)