Wednesday 4 June 2008

Interview on City Talk

As always time caught up with me. I did feel very honoured and part of history really. Yesterday Sir Paul McCartney had been at the station and just before me this morning was the wife of the ex-British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, Cheri, sitting in the same seat as little old me!!!! Also, for those who follow British TV, Ardel O'Hanlon had also been interviewed by Dean. You may remember him as "Father Dougal" in the classic Irish comedy Father Ted.

I have been in touch with the programme's producer and she will send me a WAV copy of the interview. I will place this on this blogsite so it can be listened to at any time in the future. I know that Roshni had a problem logging on in India and others may have had similar issues. But that is now sorted out.

I would like to thank Ed, "ItsCoolToCare" who managed to phone through and Karl who managed to get his email question read on air. A special thanks also to Karine from Geneva who very muc surprised the production team at the console. Clearly they were not used to calls from Switzerland. Karine has subsequently been very complementary about the blog and is keen to join in.

Sorry to all the others who sent emails in but failed to have them read out. I guess that time was always against us. However Dean and the producer were so pleased with how it all went that they are keen to have me back for a longer show.

Dean now has a copy of the book and will be reading it before the next interview with me. Indeed I commented to him off-mike that he really had very quickly grasped some of the more esoteric elements of ITLAD and CTF. He did seem genuinely interested and keen to get into the book.

Thanks again to you all for your support on this. Ever upwards and onwards eh!


Jesamyn said...

Hi Tony!! The first interview I listened to...(Time usually Forbids!) and I really enjoyed it, I had sent E mail and also phoned, but as you say Dean was genuinely interested and asked very pertinent questions. Hope the Tower bit was OK for you, here at Sydney Centrepoint it is similar and when showing friends from overseas I get into the space shuttle lift with trembling legs!!Anyway Thanks again, I really enjoyed hearing the interview!!

Anthony Peake said...

JESAMYN: Sorry that your email was not read out on air. I am sure that next time we will have a little more time.

I found the tower okay but the producer told me that some people when they have to walk round the edge they are so fearfall that they crawl along!!! (it reminded me of a smaller and more intimate version of the top of the CN Tower in Toronto).

I was personally very pleased with how the interview went. I though Dean was a particularly good interviewer ... but it always helps when the interviewer immedeately buys into what you are saying in a positive way. He was really keen to read the book. I think we may have another itladian!

Anthony Peake said...

JESAMYN: For another, slightly more measured interview click on the "Astaea" logo found on the right hand column of this blog.