Tuesday 10 June 2008

Life Insurance

Bear with me if this is yet another of my obvious and repetitive questions - I am only a very new ITLADian(e) !

Convinced as I am that I am experiencing the Bohmian Imax, so all is an illusion, is there any practical purpose to obtaining life insurance which will benefit the loved ones I leave behind (or rather do not leave behind because they only exist in my illusion) after my death?


Hurlyburly said...



johar said...

Hi Woodsprite,

My husband died in September. As part of my Bohmian IMAX he was real and loved to me. He was my reality.

Having insurance didn't dent the grief in any way whatsoever but it helps with the practical issues.

Remember, you won't die in your own subjective phaneron but you will be observed to die by your loved ones so I guess insurance is useful!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Woodsprite: Hi Di!

Question for you:

Is your glass half empty or half full?

Or does it depend how thirsty you are?

Hurlyburly said...

Half full of cyanide... ;0)

Anonymous said...

Karl: My glass is usually half full - although as a northerner my response to the glass question is "Get a smaller bloody glass!"


Johar: That's the quandary. Experience in my own world is that it matters to those left behind BUT there will be nothing left behind because it only exists while I am there to observe.

But maybe it is a morally good choice to behave with others in mind and that is what matters.

Anonymous said...

Johar: As I understand it, we are only observed after we die the first time, after the virgin life, or am I getting confused?

Anthony Peake said...

WOODSPRITE: Your question about life insurance was a profound one in my opinion. If one takes a totally sollipsist interpretation of ITLAD (which I don't) then the only consciousness that actually 'exists' in your universe is you and therefore other people are mere illusions. This is called by philosophers "The Problem of Other Minds" and has preoccupied philosophical thinkers since the time of Socrates.

However itladian philosophy postulates that in order for the Bohmian IMAX to have been originally "recorded" then there has to have been, as Karl terms it "A Virgin Life". In this Virgin Life other minds existed as did the original versions of all the things that are contained within the IMAX. (I will post the original section from ITLAD to explain this).

As such you would have existed at some time in the 'past' (relative term)and interacted with real people (just as watching a recording of a movie contains 'real people' in that at some time in the past a live actor acted out that scene which was then 'recorded' to be watched again and again).

So when you 'take out life insurance' your are re-experiencing a set of events within your phaneron that actually took place in the original "Virgin Life" recording of your life. Therefore 'other minds' would have benefited from your altruistc gesture after you "died" (cheated the ferryman) at the end of your VL.

Of course, things get a lot more complex when we apply "Many Minds" rather than "Many Worlds" to this scenario. As Karl argues this takes the solipsism out of CTF in that we (or more accurately our individual consciousnesses) are all overlapping in an amazing braid of life.

Have I made any sense at all?!!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Woodsprite: Your "half-full" answer should give you some insight into your subconscious answer to your own initial question.

And "get a smaller glass" ???? *shakes head in mild confusion* I know not of this strange concept!!


"As I understand it, we are only observed after we die the first time, after the virgin life, or am I getting confused?"

Nope, you are not getting confused, you are starting to fully understand. ITLAD and the deeper contexts behind the theory is similar to Quantum Mechanics in that if you are NOT confused by it then you have NOT fully understood it.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Tony: I think you make perfect sense yes, although this may well be a reflection on just how much time I have spent paddling in ITLADic waters over the last couple of years.

Anonymous said...

I concur that you make perfect sense Tony.

And it seems that I'm paddling alongside you Karl!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Woodsprite: Just not in the Mersey I trust!!