Wednesday 11 June 2008

Liverpool Holistic Circle

Just a quick note to thank Denise and Penny of the Liverpool Holistic Circle for facilitating a wonderful evening last night in Aigburth. We had a wonderful turn-out and some fascinating issues were debated. To any members of the Circle who are venturing on this site for the first time ... welcome to the wonderful world of Itladian philosophy!

For any itladians interested in checking out the Holistic Circle take a look at their website at

I will be doing two more talks for them later this Summer - 29th July and 16th September (which may be the first public meeting that I will be discussing and signing copies of my next book).

Indeed on the 17th June our very own Aloha Gary will be introducing this group to the wonders of Huna (and may be making one or two itladian references!)


Karl Le Marcs said...

Tony: Thanks for this update.

Apologies that I couldn't make it last night but I intend to be there for the 29th July for certain.

johar said...

Tony, Is there any chance you will be venturing further south? Would Love to hear your lectures but it's a bit of a way!


Aloha Gary said...

Aloha Tony, Karl and everyone!

Yes I will be alluding to ITLAD and how the world really works, with the aid of Hawaiian Huna

Hope you had a great talk and hope to see anyone who is looking for a practical and easy way to change your life by getting what you want in life a whole lot more

Until next time