Friday 6 June 2008

Matrix Warrier - Being The One

I strongly recommend that any itladians keen to understand how we are part of a greater "weltgeist" should try and track down a copy of the simply stunning Matrix Warrior - Being The One by Jake Horsley (isbn 0575075279).

If you read this book with your itladian glasses on you will be stunned. It is like a 'self help' manual for an Eidolon who wishes to become a Daemon (or a unification of both - something I think we should term a "Homoplasmate" in honour of Philip K Dick) . Jake applies the philosophy of the first Matrix movie and takes it to its logical conclusion - that we are all existing in The Matrix. Of course we term this the "Bohmian IMAX" but the principle is identical. Jake suggests that the vast majority of people - he calls them"humatons" are blissfully unaware that they exist in a brain-generated illusion. For Jakes' "humatons" read "Eidolon" and it all suddenly makes sense. Jake's book discusses how some individuals - "Matrix Warriers" . The central character of the Matrix movie is Thomas Anderson (Humaton/ Eidolon) who becomes Neo (Matrix Warrier/Daemon). The book discusses what it is like to be a Daemon in an eidolonic world.

Jake has now been in touch again and has joined this blogsite this morning. I am honoured to have him on board and I am looking forward to some fascinating postings from him.

Jake tells me that the book is now out of print but I am sure that copies can be sourced via Amazon etc or from libraries. Do check it out ... it is great read!

Another occasional reader of this blog - Dr. Bill Irwin, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Kings College Pennsylvania, has edited a book called The Matrix And Philosophy - Welcome to The Desert of the Real. I am not sure if Bill knows of Jake's work but he may find it of some interest - and vice versa. Bill and I were in email contact only the day before yesterday ... so synchrondipity abounds!!!


Jason Kephas said...

thanks Tony, feels like Someone Up There (IN Here?) is dusting off the saddle.

(BTW Warrior is spelt with an O! ; ))

johar said...

There are a few copies of the book available on ebay and several more on amazon. have just got myself a copy.
look forward to reading it.
Thanks for the tip, Tony

Anthony Peake said...

JAKE: What a pillOck! Clearly I ws so keen to get my thoughts down my spelling went through the window!

Of cousre I would like to add that the itladian "Daemon" may also be equivalent to "the Other" -page 166 of Matrix Warrior.

JOHAR: Gosh, you worked fast. I am sure you will enjoy it.

Jason Kephas said...

i thought maybe there was a secret Daimonic reason for the strange "e"

course, there always is, isn't there? ; )

Anthony Peake said...

No, unfortunately not. I would like to be supercryptic but it is more bad typing skills made worse by a frozen shoulder!

I finished my second reading of your book today and it amazes me even more. What excites me is that we have both come to similar conclusions by very diffent routes. You are even pre-occupied with Philip K Dick in exactly the same way as I am.

Wondeful to see the words "Exegesis", "Eschaton" and "Plasmate" used in a book. all wonderfully Gnostic. By the way, I am sure you know that the name Thomas means "Twin" so Thomas Anderson's name was, in my opinion, very carfully choosen.

The ongoing mystery to me is did the Wachowski Brothers plan this or were they simply "Cyphers"?

Jason Kephas said...

Based on the sequels I think that either the W bros didn't have a clue about the depth of what they were transmitting, or they blew their own fuses (premature Kundalini rising) and they had to fake it thereafter.

They probably sat around for weeks after the first movie was a smash saying, "Why oh why didn't we take the blue pill?!" Since they had an inside line to the Matrix, however, they were able to arrange it. (Larry, or was it Andy, even tried to change his sex - no joking matter, is it?)

Karl Le Marcs said...

Tony: Ah!! So this was why you were wafting the book in front of me in the pub!! Unfortunately, if you remember, this was shortly after you had asked me the "mirror question" which sent me off on one of my throught-form tangents!

Oh and we DO know why the 'e' is important (and you know I do on the deepest of levels)!!

Jake: Humaton to Lucid, there comes a point where taking the blue pill no longer requires a subjective decision to do so. You probably know what I mean!

Hurlyburly said...

I just won a copy on Ebay for £1.22

My sincere, sincere apologies Jake.... ;0)

(Give me a break, i am bankrupt!)

Karl Le Marcs said...

*hee hee*

It's all "Book Sales" isn't it Jake?
*knowing wink and smile*

Hurlyburly: Martin, that's still more than you paid for ITLAD isn't it?
*cheeky grin*

Hurlyburly said...

I think Anthony (the works!) got a good £2.99 or £3.99 of my hard(ly) earned money!

Still, i can always boast my £69 train ticket for an afternoon in the pub if my loyalty's questioned can't i!

Karl Le Marcs said...

And who would dare do that?

Jason Kephas said...

I have (happy to say) long ago given up any hope of making $$$ from my books! It was an error of judgment on my part that I could simultaenously point out that the Emperor has no clothes and receive applause and kudos (and financial reward) for doing so. A small error, ahem.

Believe me, being read is reward enough - and to be rediscovered when to all apperances it was "game over" is the greatest perk of all.

thanks Tony!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Jake: I'm happy to see you (now) share my disdain for the material rewards.

Remuneration lucidly not lucratively is a rare luxury.