Monday 23 June 2008

A Postcard From Tony

EVERYONE: Today I received an email from Tony and I place an edited version of it here for all ITLADians, at his request.


I am sitting here on the veranda of our room in the Hotel xxxxxxxxx in Taormina. I feel rather like Lord Byron at the Italian lakes (replacing the club foot with a frozen shoulder). Penny sits opposite doing her best Lady Caroline Lamb!

The view across the Messina Straits in one directon and Mount Etna in the other is simply breathtaking. Indeed Etna is erupting at the moment. At night the larva flows can clearly be seen - glowing red fingers of fire.

I read Mobius Dick in one sitting. What can I say? Magnificently ITLADian! Thanks for this introduction.

I am picking up the blog comments on my phone every two days and I have just sat reading them. 198 downloaded today. I am not looking forward to my bill but it is well worth it. Really great stuff from all concerned.

I will be back in the UK in x days and I will spend some time responding.

Can you do me a favour? I am concerned that many bloggers may wonder why I am not responding to their magnificent contributions. It would be great if you could place this email on the blog as one of your comments - (any will do).

Cheers - and my special thanks to you as the "prima mobile" of the Blog.


And I would like to personally thank all of you for helping me to keep the blog moving in Tony's absence.

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs


Karl Le Marcs said...

*Smiles at Byronic image of Tony lolling about on veranda*

Cheers, mate!!!!!

johar said...

Thanks for for the post, Karl

What a bragger he is!!

*green with envy*


Karl Le Marcs said...

Johar: *giggles*

Given my tragic circumstances today it was a nice lift for me to receive this from Tony and I can just imagine him lolling on his veranda!

The SWINE!!!


SM Kovalinsky said...

Tony: I am envious as well, but moreso happy that you are having a beautiful vacation as you deserve. It sounds beautiful, and I trust that you and your wife will enjoy the rest of your time. I do like your reference to Byron, as I love him and do see the Byronic in you as well. And as he was so majestic with his clubfoot, so are you with your frozen shoulder (just so long as you never give the "cold shoulder" to me). I hope when you return you can see my remarks about you and Philip K Dick on Jason Horsley's post (which I informed you of prior to your departure) and do hope you will be pleased with what I have attempted in the way of another post on Peakian Philosophy. So glad that you are having a good time, though you are missed here!

Jesamyn said...

Just another day at t' Pit face eh???*smile*. Oh do have a great time Tony, it is highly fitting that *The Godfather* (said husky-toned and with cheek pads inserted!!) baskes in Sicily.
We are struggling along without you, and don our spectacles each Sunday for Serious Scientific Discussions from Proff l Le Marcs!!!ENJOY!!! Regale us with wondrous food and beverage stories when you return!!!
Glad you are having a relaxing time!! You deserve it...

Karl Le Marcs said...

Johar, Susan Marie and Jesamyn:

Thank you for adding your sentiments.

I am sure that Tony will read these messages from his friends and take much pleasure in doing so.

Robin said...

Tony and Penny: Nice to imagine the two of you basking in the mediterranean sun! You deserve the vacation. I'm sure your location is a safe distance from the breath of Enceladus and I suspect you've snapped more than a few magnificent photographs of the view!


Karl Le Marcs said...

Robin: R-O-B-I-N!!!

Oh how nice to hear from you, not heard from you on here for awhile.

I thought you'd gone all 'upside down' on us! Or something!

Thank you for adding your comment, I know Tony will be happy that you did.

Robin said...

Karl: Thanks for being acting as liaison! *smiles*

My world's been a bit upside down lately, not much time for blog replies but I'm still here!

Robin said...

Pardon the goofy sentence...see just how upside down I am!?

Karl Le Marcs said...

Robin: Good to have you in the pool again.