Monday 9 June 2008

Prediction post earlier

Could the impression of movement (roundabout effect/ dizziness) be proof outside the laboratory of the prediction test, mentioned some time back i.e. something like 15 second jump in awareness of what was coming next, in laboratory experiment?

I noticed this when I had to stop as I was walking along the other day, to check whether a chain hanging from a crane was really swinging in the wind as it appeared or if it was me (A Zen saying is that it is not anything moving but the mind). As it turned out it was me and it made me realize that only by being stationary, could I be sure what if anything was in motion apart from me: Star movement, drunkeness and ambulatory motion all come under this illusion I believe, either because we have no stable motionless object to compare the thing we're viewing with what we 'believe' to be moving or we lose it.

It reminds me of Laurie Andersons song, 'Walking and falling' because it made me aware that we could actually be teleporting ourselves forward as we walk and forming ourselves into matter, when we settle. It is not the same point as above but equally fascinating in my opinion.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Paige: I don’t think anyone has suggested a temporal time delay of 15 seconds!!

I remember, quite recently, some experiments and research suggested up to 7 seconds but they have since been shown to be fundamentally flawed.

Currently accepted time delay of up to 3 seconds is far more plausible and this is the period that most within Consciousness Studies presently adhere to.

Regarding your 'crane chain' empiricalism, please read Tony’s previous post “Pulfrich Pendulum Effecthere

paigetheoracle said...

Karl, people exaggerate or make mistakes when they can't be bothered to research and find the truth, knowing that those who do know it, will remind them of what it is (as in this case).

Interesting (Pulfrich Pendulum Effect), even if not the same thing I was on about.

paigetheoracle said...

Another thing that's reminded me of - the pendulum effect, which is where we swing into and out of this reality; the further into the world of the Daemon, the deeper into Eidolon on the return trip. Shallow Hal has never went anywhere, Deep Tony has been everywhere and has sent postcards from the edge to prove it (Sorry, run out of film analogies - so, Hello I must be going!)

Karl Le Marcs said...

Paige: I'm glad I was of service in reminded you.
It's interesting that you don't make the connection that I do between your post and the Pulfrich Pendulum Effect.

Shiva said...

....because it made me aware that we could actually be teleporting ourselves forward as we walk and forming ourselves into matter....

I had that same thought. If we were perhaps the result of the interaction of a higher dimensional being with it's environment, then we would be continuously created as it moved.
But we have the illusion that we are real and this real thing is moving from place to place.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Shiva: Interesting, but wouldn't that mean, philosophically, a discontinuation of self, in that if we are transporting and re-forming our own matter then is it US that is moving or simply a reconstruction of a past self. Such would deny independence and evolution of thought and take us back into Solipsism.