Saturday 7 June 2008

Vital Signs Magazine

This morning I received the latest copy of Vital Signs - the magazine of the International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS). Although USA based this organisation has members across the world. It is the major organisation that researches into the nature and psychology of the NDE phenomenon.

I am honoured that my book is the major feature of this edition. The editor (Joan Donovan) has taken the NDE chapter from ITLAD and with slight editing turned into the first part of a two-part article. The next episode will be in the next edition. The Editor's Note mentions this particular blog and suggests that IANDS members should check out "his lively blog" (thats you guys!!!)

May I thank Joan for facilitating this and may I take the opportunity of greeting any members of IANDS who venture onto this site. You are most welcome. Please feel free to join in with our debates and discussions.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Tony: This is fabulous news.

It is wonderful that ITLAD is being recognised within such disparate, large and small groups such as IANDE, IONS, SOL, SMN, ISHVAL, WasPSI and many many more.

We need to now bring all these together for the Evolution of ITLAD to continue.

Superb news Tony, congratulations to you my friend.

Hurlyburly said...

Fantastic news Tony.

The snowball that is this site keeps gaining more and more momentum....or snow...whatever!

So happy that your work is gaining the world-wide acknowledgement it deserves. I'm sure with the arrival of your next book it will continue to get even bigger.

Congratulations good sir!

SM Kovalinsky said...

This is beautiful, Tony. I think the trend will continue, it's high time for it.

johar said...

Fantastic Tony,congratulations.

I feel there is going to be a lot of activity on this blog soon, even more than is already going on. How exciting!