Tuesday 22 July 2008


Hi folks.

As many of you are aware there seems to be a problem with the Forum. I have spoken to my web designer and she informs me that the problem was that over 100 people tried to log on at roughly the same time. This caused the server to crash. She is working to try and sort this problem out.

I am not sure if I am pleased about this or not. Clearly it would be great news that over 100 people were clammering to look at the Forum but seeing as the previous record was six I am worried that somebody has deliberately tried to make it crash.

I doubt whether we have offended anybody so I am putting it down to 'gremlins'.

I have my fingers crossed that we have not lost any of the fantastic contributions made thus far.

My apologies

p.s. Way back in Christmas 1984 I took a young lady to see the Movie Gremlins. I recall that she had a fit of the giggles because she considered that the chief Gremlin (whose name escapes me) had a similar hairline to mine - i.e. a grey spiky bit at the front! (thanks for the memory Liane! - you could call it a trip down Memory Liane - sorry, awful pun!)


Karl Le Marcs said...

Memory Liane!
*palms forehead*

Interestingly Tony must also avoid bright lights, nor get water on him and must certainly never be fed after midnight!

johar said...

I think the bright lights is for OUR protection, the glare from his holy whiteness would blind us!!!!


How Rude

Sorry Tony!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

*runs away*

Robin said...

mos def Tony, bring on the faux hawk!