Monday 7 July 2008

Are we just computers?

Our reality is projected illusion created by a consciousness 'program'. It is a virtual reality experiment in linear time and emotion created by a consciousness source through which our souls experience in many dimensions simultaneously.

This is not unlike the films 'The Matrix', 'The 13th Floor', the Holodeck in the TV series Star Trek, among others.

The program is composed of grids created by the source consciousness and brought into awareness by electromagnetic energy at the physical level.

Awareness of the program is created as one's consciousness spirals lower, hence slower, to experience emotions and linear time.

The computer is bi-polar, electromagnetic energies. Within the program, the goals of the VR game is to maintain your balance while the program creates dramas at ever turn.

The program had a beginning and it has and end, as consciousness evolves in the alchemy of time.

The program is linked through a web, or grid matrixes and is based on the looping patterns of consciousness.This was taken from a piece i found called the Sacred Geometry.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Baphomet: You say you took this post from a piece you found called "Sacred Geometry"!

Who wrote this piece, Baphomet?

I ask as, to me, Sacred Geometry deals with sacred architecture and art including The Golden Ratio (phi), Golden Spirals and Mathematical purities (such as The Square Root Of 2; A Perfect Circle (*nod to James Maynard Keenan*); The Fibonacci Series; Toroids; Metratron's Cube etc) within Music, Art and other Cultural Iconography.

So some of the statements made in your post are somewhat at odds to this, and I wonder who wrote it, as there are quite a few contradictions within it towards Consciousness.

And ultimately I would have to answer NO to your question: I really do not think that we are just computers.

Anyway, I will reserve further comment until you can let me know who wrote this piece and where it was published.

Thank You Baphomet.

Anthony Peake said...

BAPHOMET: I agree with KLLM that we are not computers but I suspect that what you are suggesting is that we are 'observers' of an inwardly generated computer programme. if this is the case I agree. I suppose that the analogy is with a person playing VR game on a computer screen. There is a 'barrier' between the person (observer) sitting on their chair 'viewing a screen and 'hearing' the sounds coming out of the speakers. However if we are existing in a "brain generated" programme (or else an external programme that is projected into consciousness via neuronal firing)then the barrier does not exist. the game is perceived via all the senses and therefore cannot be differentiated from 'reality'.

This is exactly what is suggested in movies such as "The Matrix" and, to a lesser extent, "Vanilla Sky".

However ITLAD suggests something far more subtle. Yes, our perceptions of what is 'out there' are a brain-generated illusion but this illusion has its source within the memory recordings stored within the brain itself (or, possibly stored elsewhere and processed by the brain - possibly via the hippocampus or the amygdala).

This illusion I term "The Bohmian IMAX".

As KLLM has rightly pointed out, these memory recordings have to have been laid down in a first life (Virgin Life) in which the subject's senses must have interacted with a real world 'out there'.

Of course, the central issue here is the nature of that original world. Was that also an illusion as well. In which case this may be an external programme.

For what it is worth I suspect that the nature of the world perceived in the "Virgin Life" is not as it seems - as David Bohm argued, this phenomenal world is still processed by the brain and presented to consciousness (and, in doing so, is recorded). The true nature of this external world is far more akin to a hologram image before it is illuminated by laser light - a series of swirls and buzzes that bears no resemblance to the image that appears when the lasor light is shone upon it. For 'laser light' substitute consciousness and we then see how perception reduces the holographic universe into easily understood sensual images, sounds, smells and tactile surfaces.

I argue that this 'real universe' is what (to a lesser extent) migrainers perceive during an attack of migraine, TLErs (to a greater extent) during a pre-seizure aura, and (to a much greater extent)schizophrenics perceive when not medicated.

For these people William Blake's "Doors of Perception" are ajar - and in the schizophrenics case, wide open.

Baphomet. said...

Hello again Karl,i was handed some papers by a friend and in them was the notes by a guy called Bruce Rawles.I just thought it may be of interest to the blog. Tony i look forward to seeing you at the next talk as does Kath,Take care all,Dave.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Baphomet: Thanks Dave, I shall look into the work of Bruce Rawles with interest.

Anthony Peake said...

DAVE: Great to see you really actively involved with our little group here in Bloggerland.

If you and Kath can get to my La Casa talk next week you will have the opportunity to meet such bloggers as Karl L Le Marcs, Mohan, Ed, Woodsprite (Di)and Aloha Gary (who is master of ceremonies).