Wednesday 2 July 2008

Spinning chain (detective story)

The idea of spin has come into my life recently, in the form of the question why do UFO's sometimes revolve? This connected with Viktor Schaubergers work (Austrian scientist) on water (vortices)and then via this to a piece in Nexus magazine about the biofield, recently which again involved spin (reason for vertigo?). Next came planetary revolution and the question 'Why do planets spin as well?'. This was followed by discovering 'Colin Wilson's World', a fan site that mentioned he'd written a book on the subject, based on the Egyptians and from that a program on The Bermuda Triangle, that mentioned vortices forming over mounds (mountains), making me wonder if The pyramid was chosen as a shape deliberately because the same kind of spiral action occurs in the air over mountains? (Thermals). This was followed by a program on the Near Death Experience that mentioned spinning in and out of the body (Scientology and the downward spiral?). Then one of the participants mentioned that the experience made him more aware of the connection of all things, which fell in with my own revelations about the relationship of all things in creation (This lot included). At the end of this little run of insights, my head was spinning, let alone anything else ("Round and round, in the circles game").

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SM Kovalinsky said...

I never knew that Colin Wilson explored the spinning of the planets; I thought he explored only inner space. Was this a recent work of his? Is he still writing these days? I have only read his earlier works (Afterlife being the best in my opinion). I think Rogo had raised this sort of question, but its import escaped me at the time of reading it.