Friday 11 July 2008

"STOP PRESS" - The Forum is now up and running

Last night my web designer Jan came round and set up the brand new "Cheating The Ferryman Forum". This can be found on its own page on my website -

It is my intention to have this as a more question and answer/ discussion type site than this one. It will also be a good deal less intimate. Indeed I am keen to keep the friendly feel of this site whereas the Forum will be exactly that... a forum.

With us reaching our limit on numbers here I will, as a matter of course, point any new itladians to the Forum as a first port of call.

In order to give it the kick start it needs it would be great if you all registered and placed a few of your favourite issues, comments or ideas on it. I am hoping that this will then convert the ever-increasing viewers to the website into regulars and Forum members.

Karl, Ed and I met up last Friday to discuss exactly how the two sites will work together. Clearly we need to observe how things work out over the next few weeks but one thing that I will be wanting to do is involve the "inner circle" of regulars on this site in a more dynamic way. In fact I need a moderator for each of the categories. Indeed I am also open to suggestions for new categories from regular bloggers ... once they are willing to act as the moderator on that new category.

In due course I may decide to do is make this site private and 'member only'. New people will initially only be given access to the Forum but if they show that they are active contributors with something valid to contribute then they can be "upgraded" to full itladian - what do you think?


Anonymous said...


I think your ideas for the forum are spot on.

Let the fun begin!

Baphomet. said...

Great to see the forum up and running,i think it would be a great idea to have members.Well it looks like i will be hooked on that site too,i have never read so many books on science and the universe since i became interested in your theory.

Best wishes,


Robin said...

Ditto Dave! I know Di agrees. She's talked about her Amazon sprees. The FedEx driver knows my address by heart!

I still think Tony should join the Amazon associates program, at the very least he could donate the profits to charity! *wink Mr. T*

Rach said...

Tony - I think the forum is a great idea. It may give people like me, with little understanding of the theory and huge interest the courage to comment.


Anthony Peake said...

The new Forum has caused me to laugh out loud!!!

I was just about to place a posting regarding Philip K Dick and Anarch Peak. I set it up and then checked out what it looked like before I posted it.

It didn't look right. The heading was "Philip K Dick & Anarch Peak - well that is what I typed and that is what was on the original form. However when checking it in draft form Philip K Dick had become "Philip K Thingy"!!!

I looked at the original version and I had typed "Dick". Checked again and the great SF writer Philip K Thingy was cited as writing all of PKD's stuff. I thought for a second I had slipped into an alternative universe ... and then it dawned upon me!

My web designer had said that she had set up a facility whereby all 'naughty' words were replaced. So Philip K *Bleep* clearly is verboten!!!!

I have just phoned her and "Dick" is now a word we can all use with impunity!!!!

Robin said...

LOL!!!! A Funny "Thing" Happened on the way to the Forum!!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Robin: You took the gag right out of my mouth! FABULOUS!

Tony: Thanks for ringing me this morning. I registered and all that hoohah earlier.

I will volunteer as Moderator for the Quantum Physics, Neurology, Consciousness and Time Perception categories and I would suggest I share the role with Susan Marie on ITLADian Philosophy.

I'm sure some of the other regular contributors would like to be involved Moderating the Deja Vu, Precognition, Near-Death Experience and Gnosticism catergories as I have little or no empirical experience in these areas but I know virtually everyone else does.

And perhaps you, AP, would Moderate The Daemon and Cheating The Ferryman - The Theory categories as they are your babies!? (I could deputise in periods of your absence of course)

And I'll also do General Topics unless anyone specifically wants that one!

Lastly (YAY!!!), I think we could do with new categories for ITLADian Literature (Books, Short Stories, Plays etc) [which I would be able to Moderate] and ITLADian TV and Films [which I'm sure Hurlyburly would be best at moderating], plus maybe a category for the EITLAD where the splinter theories from ITLAD towards our BIGTOE could go [and you and I could moderate that one].

ra from ca said...

Anthony: Your forum idea sounds wonderful. I am pleased to hear that you are geting more people and I hope I have been responsible to some degree for an increase as I let people know here that your ideas and the ideas of the blog members are a joy to read. And beyond the ideas, the graciousness of all the blog regulars exudes a great blast of warmth.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Tony, this is excellent news; simply wonderful. I am so happy to see a forum approach, it is definitely going to be fruitful.

KLLM: I would of course accept and aid you fully in moderating a philosophy section. Thank you.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Tony: I have registered, and would enjoy posting on many of the categories, and would love to moderate with regard to philosophy section, with KLLM. I have many ideas as to how to facilitate debate and discussion, and to involve academia and its community; your set up looks beautiful---and give it time to grow, it builds and then rolls itself over, as your own blog site did. And Google Adv is expanding and getting much better; as is Amazon affiliates, and you can link in with American forums as well. Tony, please let my son know what you think of the Peake daemon he created and had me send you???

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie: Thank You SMK, with your unrivaled general Philosophical knowledge and my freakish ability to link virtually any branch of Philosophy to ITLADic Philosophy I am sure we will be able to direct Forum Philosophical discussions effectively.

paigetheoracle said...

I'm more of a forums person than a blogger (Note my three failed blogsites). See you there. Don't know about being a moderator at the moment "be-cause' I'm starting to write short stories and the first is definitely daemonic in theme (If I win the comp. it is going into I'll let you know, otherwise it'll go into a short story compilation)

Karl Le Marcs said...

Rachel: "Tony - I think the forum is a great idea. It may give people like me, with little understanding of the theory and huge interest the courage to comment.


Not THE Rachael (with additional 'a' I hope??)

Anyway, welcome, and yes please do not feel that you cannot comment and perhaps introduce yourself to everyone through my Sunday Service also!


Ed said...

I'm now registered into the Forum as EdG. Great structure and relatively easy to follow.

Would be nice to have a way it can x-ref people to and from tyhe blog for any significant new posts? (Or maybe it does this already and I haven't spotted it yet!)

Looking forward to seeing a few of you on Wednesday in Liverpool at the Casa. Karl.. drop me an email with details for webcast as I have someone wishing to view 'from afar' if possible.