Saturday 5 July 2008

Turn Left

This evening I have been watching the last 3 episodes of the current series of Doctor Who with a friend who had recorded them to watch with me, and I have NEVER been so amazed at such synchrondipities! Indeed my friend, who has known me for MANY years says she has never seen me as stunned, and she’s seen me through many a circumstance!

I refer particularly to the episode named “Turn Left” which fuses the Many Worlds Interpretation and Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics with Tony’s Daemon theory and also his own humble questioning of his importance in the whole scheme of things, in absolute pure ITLADic clarity and Tony and I simply MUST get ITLAD to the writer, Russell T. Davies, who, if he is not already aware of the book and the theory, will surely be as staggered as I am once he is.

There is something on your back!

Unfortunately, if you have not watched the BBC programmes, Doctor Who and Torchwood, over the last 2 years, most of the plot of the episode will be terribly confusing, pulling strands of past episodes out of Minkowskian timelines and mutating the parallel worlds, but I place below a transcript and video clips of three specific scenes from the episode which made my hairs stand on end, and I KNOW will do so to Tony (on many levels) - I hope they have the same effect on you all.

Brief set up: Rose (played by Billie Piper) was The Doctor’s previous travel companion through Time and Space before she was lost into a Parallel World. Donna (played by Catherine Tate) is The Doctor’s current companion.
Basically, replace Donna with Tony and read and watch…………………

VIDEO: (Scene 1)

ROSE: “I’ve been pulled across from a different universe, ‘cause every single universe is in danger.
DONNA: “What do you keep telling me for? What am I supposed to do? I’m nothing special, I mean…..I’m not…..I’m nothing special, I’M A TEMP!! I’m not even that! I’m nothing!
ROSE: “Donna Noble, you are the most important woman in the whole of creation
DONNA: "Don't......Just don't"

Set up: In the next scene Donna is shown by Rose what it is that is on her back – a large Black Giant Beetle (THE DAEMON)

VIDEO: (Scene 2)

DONNA: “What is it?
ROSE: “It feeds off Time. By changing Time, by making someone’s life take a different turn like er, meetings never made, children never born, a life never loved. But with you it’s……
DONNA: “But I never did anything important!
ROSE: “Yeah you did. One day, that thing, made you turn right instead of left
DONNA: “When was that?
ROSE: “Oh you wouldn’t remember, it was the most ordinary day in the world but by turning right you never met The Doctor and the whole world just changed around you.

Set up: In the next scene, Donna has been told by Rose she must return to a point in Time and instead of turning right when at a junction in the road, which led to her NOT meeting The Doctor, she must turn left to repair the flux in the Time line but which action would mean she would die.

VIDEO: (Scene 3)

ROSE: “Good Luck
DONNA: “I’m Ready” […] “’Cause I understand now. You said I was gonna die but you mean this whole world is gonna blink out of existence. But that’s not dying, ‘cause a better world takes its place….The Doctor’s world, and I’m still alive. That’s right isn’t it? I don’t die, if I change things then I don’t die, that’s…..that’s right isn’t it?

The episode is absolutely ITLADic in the theory’s purest form and to me, a Professor of ITLADic Studies *smile*, it has conjured MANY new splinter theories within me, which, along with tomorrow’s Science Service post, I shall be writing pretty much all night once I get home, including a radical new theory towards Daemonic Suicide within subjective phanerons and ultimately a new approach to Bohmian IMAX Mutations which is presently stunning even myself, and I am writing it!!!

I am emailing the BBC to try and get this to the attention of Russell T. Davies in the hope that it will progress the profile of ITLAD and Tony, and aid development of Tony and I’s Uber Theory.

[*video clips taken from YouTube]

A Dark Philosopher
Karl L Le Marcs


Karl Le Marcs said...

This also links back to a previous post and subsequent comments describing another ITLADic episode during the Doctor Who series.

Doctor Who – Recent Episode
[by PaigeTheOracle]

SM Kovalinsky said...

K.L. LE MARCS: I don't think it is any exaggeration to call yourself a professor of ITLADian studies. That you can recognize the "purest form" of the theory, and that it should cause this bifurcation and fragmentation within your fertile mind is the surest mark that you are a vigorous and vital scholar - set apart from the dank academics - who is truly being called to the task. I know that you will pursue this latest track with all the wild innocence and dynamic zeal which distinguishes you in all things, and by your usual method of involution you will hit the mark with surety. Write as if you must stake your life on following your will here.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie: Thank You, and I shall!!

I will also get to your wonderful post as soon as I can, but this evening's entire set of synchrondipities is compelling me to write and think.

Do you see the same pure ITLADicism in the clips and dialogue as I do, what are your thoughts? Please share!

Robin said...


Richly synchrondipitous! The world IS awakening to all things ITLADic! Perhaps this is the new era of humanism which is due to begin soon.

I accidentally caught the end of an episode of Dr. Who a couple of weeks ago and I was completely drawn to it.

A collaboration of Peake, LeMarcs and Davies could be the continuation of something huge.

I look forward to the Sunday edition tomorrow!

SM Kovalinsky said...

LeMarcs: By all means, do not worry at all about my own post, it can keep as it is! Of course I do not think it is any accident at all that these quantum intuitions are appearing in the media now; the ideas have reached a certain point of fermentation. Of course you have the sort of mind that could see the Daemon in this beetle; and of course the death which is a blinking out of a universe and a surging of the alternate scenario is coming out of Tony's web - and this is precisely what I meant to say in my post of this morning! What is being intuited all over the media and in books has become solid and real and empirically explained in Peake! And yet who recognizes this? He is Anarch Peake, and you are part of him, you are both this "Anarchy", which in truth is the highest order that is possible right now, in 2008; not a flight from the empirical but a dwelling in and on empiricism at its greatest heights, and with the entire subsoil of theory contained as light within a mind like your own. PK Dick was a visionary; science fiction was a ruse behind which he spun out his intimations of our present era. What I think is absolute god-like genius about you and Tony, as opposed to theorists such as Steinhart and Hameroff, etc., is that you and Tony make far more links from quantum scientific theory into culture, psychology, ethics and all major branches of philosophy than do they. You 2 spin out a world wide web, an internet of thought and connection---And passively, electrically, spontaneously, from strong Daemons: you share a daemon, you must, I can see no other explanation for the precision of your interplay. In this sense you 2 are midwives and conductors to a degree which is Galileo-like in its frightening futurism: It is as though I am witnessing the medieval synthesis of Aquinas in 2008. And I would stake my own life on willing this recognition, at least in terms of a financial battle. I do not care if I am seen as a fanatic; my ancestry were fanatical orators who changed forever America's landscape. So I will let my manic remarks stand; if I am given to mania, it is the kind that knows a sage in the making--- Good writing to you.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Robin: Thank You and YES, a thousand times YES!

For a synopsis of the whole 3 episode conclusion to the series which covers DAEMONic guidance, MWI, Copenhagen, Quantum Mechanics, Temporal Time Delays, Minkowski Time Lines, Altered Realities, Parallel Worlds, Bohmian Mutations and many more aspects of ITLAD please read:

Doctor Who - Turn Left

Doctor Who - Stolen Earth

Doctor Who - Journey's End

Sunday Service will begin at 11:30 UK Time Tomorrow as usual, but I still have over 40 News Items to shrink down to a Top 5 plus some Extras and the whole post to write this evening (along with the writings that Tonight's whole series of synchrondipities have induced in me)

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie: Oh I shall comment on your wonderous post as soon as I can (and Woodsprite's also) as I feel I shall have no time for sleep tonight with this; the posts and tomorrow's Sunday Service to compose.

YES, The Beetle IS the Daemon, and this makes it all the more phenomenal if Russell T. Davies has NOT heard of ITLAD!

Anarchy in the UK indeed!


And Tony is a Liverpudlian born fellow, and who are Liverpool's most famous sons???

And the MOST striking thing about the clips is when Donna says she is "not special", (Tony says "Why me, why now?); Donna says she is "just a TEMP", Tony is currently working contracts as a TEMP to fund further research and writing; Donna says she "will not die", but lives on in another reality, another subjective phaneron within subjective consciousness.


Karl Le Marcs said...

.............and the final episode ends with a sequence on BAD WOLF BAY with Rose's Mother telling The Doctor she has had a son.

JACKIE: "I was pregnant, do you remember? I had a baby boy"
THE DOCTOR: "Aww Brilliant! What did you call him?"
JACKIE: "Doctor!"
THE DOCTOR: "Really?"
JACKIE: "No you Plum! He's called TONY!"


SM Kovalinsky said...

Oh, Karl, those are amazing synchronicities, and I am sure they are speaking across the lines of lives. I have noticed things like this at other times (for example, I counted about 40 parallels between Eminem and Hamlet)and I do not believe they are anything other than an intentional entanglement. Write them out, and keep track of them all: I get positively feverish over these types of things, and smoke and pace and work myself into insomnia and frenzy. If you only knew the nights of sleep I lost over the realization that Tony is the Boomer Generation, and you are the parallel to America's 13th Generation, which Obama is as well, and the meaning of that------oh, let me not think on it! I hope Tony sees your above remarks---and the Beatles, though I have always disliked them for some reason, were the beginning of a sort of anarchy which has now reached its peak--see?

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie: Yes, they are amazing aren't they!! Imagine my face when I was watching it!!

My friend kept looking at me going, "What!!!!" when I kept pausing the programme and explained the synchrondipities!!

She laughed her head off when JACKIE said she had called her son "Tony", and I was just open mouthed!!

I'm sure Tony's flabber will be well and truly gasted when he reads this.

Robin said...

To tell the truth Karl, I think if you watched more cinema and television, you'd be the sort who would find these implications embedded everywhere! I think the universal waveform is trying to permeate the foggy understanding of the human species. Mass media is one of the few things we pay attention to these days.

Have you talked to Tony since this wave of synchrondipity began? Have you sent out mails to Mr. Davies? Would a flood of mails from the ITLADian philosophers to his inbox help sway him? Let us know if we need to form a united front on this one!

SM Kovalinsky said...

Robin: I love your, "would a flood of emails help?"---you sound like me, love it.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Robin: " I think the universal waveform is trying to permeate the foggy understanding of the human species."

I am loving that phraseology!

The link to Russell T. Davies could be a very important one for the UK development of ITLAD as he is regarded as the leading writer within the TV Sci-Fi/Science genre and if he DOES know of ITLAD then the Doctor Who episode was SURELY influenced by it, and if he DOESN'T know of ITLAD then WOW, he will flip his methaphorical lid when he becomes aware of it, which I hope my email and post will assist towards.

I have emailed and text dear Tony but he will be doing what any normal person would be doing right now and sleeping the dreams of the pure, whereas I'm still up writing and cogitating on all manner of weirdness!!

Emails have been sent to BBC and a couple of contacts who may be able to get the ear of Russell, and a couple of friends of mine in the business are seeking out the best people for me to contact also.

I'll let you know if I get access.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie: A Glutamate Flood of Emails even!!

*ITLADic groans*

SM Kovalinsky said...

No, that evokes my admiration; you have the Tennessee Williams cleverness for all forms of word play ( he called the Champs Elyse where he often stayed the Champs Easy Lay)--it's the stamp of creative genius.

ra from ca said...

Fantastic post Karl. Now here is something interesting for me I had a sudden sense of deja vu about the beetle on the back. It is as if I recently have seen a painting with this. I really don't have any idea. Besides the daemon idea, is there some other reference to a beetle on a back? Has anybody seen this image before? I haven't seen these episodes of Dr. Who so I don't think it is that.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Ra from Ca: Hi Ruth! Thank You!

Hmmm, your Deja Vu around the Beetle is interesting!

Nothing springs immediately to my mind about that imagery being in a painting or similar, no, but I will have a think and a 'mooch' around to see if I can find anything!


SM Kovalinsky said...

RUTH: The thing which hit me immediately was Kafka in the Metamorphosis, waking up AS a big beetle on his back. And there is a painting of that, from the text. And come to think of it, there is something quite daemonic about that whole story, as well.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie: Ha! Typical of the Synchrondipities of today!

Kafka's "Metamorphosis" is one of many posts I have pre-prepared for publication on blog, and I have just been adding to it following this evening's programme!


SM Kovalinsky said...

Oh, I hope you will post it in the near future. I would love to read your writing on Kafka; he was my husband's favorite. And I do think Metamorphosis has the dyad in there, with his division into man and insect. The Trial also seems to be a CTF sort of tale.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie: Indeed yes, well, watch this space!

ra from ca said...

Whatever gave me the sense of deja vu I am still fuzzy. (Had a glass of wine tonight). But I did a little search on the web and of course I knew the beetle is an important icon in Egypt but I did not know it was important in Taoism
and in Christianity. More on the beetle and symbolism can be found at Here is an excerpt from that site:

Taoism is another Asian religion, or rather philosophy. Its goal was to reach immortality, either material (for the body), or spiritual (for the soul). Of course, spiritual immortality was more precious and more difficult to reach. A famous text, "The Secret of the Golden Flower," takes the sacred scarab as an example of the "work to be done" in order to reach spiritual immortality. Taoism believes in the strengths of various material "pellets" that aids in reaching immortality. The scarab dung ball was identified as one of these pellet substances; the larva and pupa were also used in the Taoist belief:

The scarab rolls his pellet, and life is born in it as an effect of nondispersed work of spiritual concentration. Now, even in manure an embryo can develop and cast his "terrestrial" skins, why would the dwelling of our celestial heart not be able to generate a body too, if we concentrate our spirit on it?

Karl Le Marcs said...

Ra from Ca: Ruth, thank you for adding this, most interesting.

See what wine-infusion can induce (if moderated, obviously)

Where else on the internet or anywhere in existence do you think you could blend Taoism, A bloke who looks like Sting from Merseyside and Doctor Who?


Anthony Peake said...

Hi folks. I am now in the world of the awake - fresh from my early morning visit to the gym. The router seems to be behaving as well which is great.

The Dr. Who links are amazing and if great interest. However I agree that the problem we have is that with the exception of our little group of itladians the rest of the world are totally unaware of ITLAD and CTF. Indeed with all the weltgeist stuff kicking off it may seem to newcomers that the theory is derivative rather than original. This has always been my concern. There is a groundswell of interest in these things but we need to be seen to be at the vanguard.

How we get CTF/Itlad better known is the challenge. Over the last two years this has been my aim - using the power of the web - and to an extent I have succeeded but we really need to break out into public consciousness.

KARL: Thanks for the beetle/Beatles link but technically I am a Wirralian not a Liverpudlian. However as both Lennon and McCartney both lived on the Wirral as children (and McCartney still has a house in Heswall) it could be argued that Wirral is as much part of the Beatle thing as "da pool".

Also I like the Kafka link.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Tony: Thank You!

I'm hoping to get this to the attention of the BBC and ideally to Russell T. Davies as if "Turn Left" was not inspired by ITLAD it will surely astonish RTD when he becomes aware of it given the context within the whole 2 and a half hours of the three episodes he wrote here.

I know you are a proud Wirralian my fellow, but I was just trying to assist some of our overseas bloggers by generalising the whole Merseyside area.

Glad you enjoyed the post and the one word "TEMP" made me spit my drink out in the now legendary comedic fashion of Jack Douglass from the Carry On Films.


Anonymous said...

Karl: Wow! I didn't watch the episode but just watching the clips brought tears to myeyes and made my hair stand on end. I will watch the whole episode on BBC-i later.

It feel like this everything in this MY universe has been leading here. I know that's egocentric but makes absolute sense ITLADically.

I say again WOW!

Anonymous said...

And you can tell how excited I am by the number of mad grammatical errors in my previous post *giggles*

Karl Le Marcs said...

Woodsprite: Hi Di!!
YES, YES, YES!! Oh I am so glad you responded to the clips is exactly the same way that I did, and the whole 2 and a half hours of the three episodes add much more than just those 3 clips do.

Your comment about everything in your Universe leading you here is wonderfully prescient as you will see when you watch the episode and listen to Donna saying EXACTLY the same thing!!

You can be egocentric for me Di. I'm more Idcentric!!

*psychoanalytical gag*

johar said...

Well! what can I say. I don't watch Dr Who but all roads seemed to lead me to the programme this weekend.

It started with an in depth discussion with my 10 year old neice on the idea that we don't die and relive our lives within a the Bohmain IMAX, we have dual consciousness and some ideas on multiple universes. Now, my neice is a Dr Who fanatic and a pretty smart cookie to boot, so her reply to these ideas went like this:

"It's cool that we don't die coz we can keep trying new things and getting better"

"Wow, so there's millions of us in different bubble universes living the same way but sometimes different? Is Uncle Martin still alive in some of them? So in different universes I can still see him and when I relive my life again in this bubble I'll see him again - that's cool"

"I met a girl at school called Olivia and I knew I had met her before even though I hadn't, is that because I've been here before?"

"I sometimes hear a voice in my head when I get tuck with things, I think it's my angel, is that the same thing as the second brain you were talking about Aunty Jo?"

And then we watched Dr Who and she kept smiling at me and commenting that it reminded her of the conversation we had had earlier (minus the daleks!)

I thought it was a fantastic example of Tony's theory in action, it was all there and Tony's keeness to get it 'out there' seems more important than ever!

Anything I can do to help that process will be done!

I feel like something is bubbling up and we are going to experience something monumental in the future.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Oh, Johar, these are interesting remarks for certain! "Out of the mouths of babes. . . " And your closing sentences reflect my own current state of feelings regarding all this. I am actually so wired up that I am writing yet another one of my essays on my own site. If you have the time today, I would love to read and respond to any remarks you might have on the Sunday forum, Experimental Philosophy article. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Johar: Your Niece sounds like a budding ITLADian.

"I understand now. You said I was gonna die but you mean this whole world is gonna blink out of existence. But that’s not dying, ‘cause a better world takes its place….The Doctor’s world, and I’m still alive. That’s right isn’t it? I don’t die, if I change things then I don’t die."
- from Doctor Who - "Turn Left"

Susan Marie: Thank You for overseeing comments on this post for me as well as the Sunday Service today.