Saturday 12 July 2008

Medium rare

Why do mediums talk so vaguely about what they are doing? Is it because they are like radio operators (They also serve, who only stand and wait i.e. in limbo, until turned on to act by the message they receive). This could explain the interrelationship between Daemon and Eidolon: The world of thought and ideas (HQ)versus the world of action (The body of evidence): ego and (h)id. This would also explain why science never finds any proof of psychic phenomena - they are looking for cause in this world a long with effect and it's coming from outside it. The Buddhists talk of the universe being 'Mind'. Could this be all it is - transmission and reception across a barrier, a border of reality?


Rosh said...

i had read about `presence' some time ago...after reading your post i thought about it again
heres the link

Karl Le Marcs said...

Paige: In my experience most "Mediums" use a psychological technique known as Cold Reading, where by making vague comments, they can pick up on subtle (or in some cases blatant) body language agreement from the person they are giving the "reading" to. Indeed the term "reading" is semantically ironic as often the Medium is actually reading the body language rather than actually given a genuinely psychic message.

I use this technique myself in some of my training courses on Body Language and Assertiveness and through friends and colleagues in the industry I know of many of the tricks of the Medium.

Having said this, I have no doubt that some Mediums genuinely believe that they have the gift, and I have met two specific Mediums who have given me examples of Psychic readings that even I have not been able to debunk! So I do think that it is a possibility that the ability to read residual energies is conceivable, but unfortunately it is corrupted by too many.

I'm sure that Dean Radin (amongst many others) would not agree with you that "Science never finds any proof of psychic phenomena" and I would recommend you read his book "The Conscious Universe"

Within my CtCw theory of Consciousness, I do believe that we are all one consciousness and that the Buddhist concept of Universal Mind is totally accurate and thus yes, I do think that our subjective consciousness is just a barrier to the transmission of universal mind.