Thursday 31 July 2008

WOWIO Goes World-Wide - A Request

You guys may or may not be aware but ITLAD - TESOWHWYD has been available for free download on the American website Wowio for around eight months now. The book has done very well with a large number of evaluative downloads taking place. The great news is that up until today this facility has only been available for people in the USA but within six hours or so the ability to download for free many current books will be open to everybody across the world.

Now this may seem too good to be true but it really is a win-win situation for all involved. Readers get a free book, the publisher and author receive a royalty payment from Wowio and advertisers have a site to advertise.

Now I am asking a massive favour here but you can really help me out (both financially and in terms of publicity) if you go to Wowio and download an electronic copy of ITLAD. You can place this on your computer and be able to search for those bits you love without going to the index. This will give you a superb reference tool when discussions on both here and the FORUM.

Indeed this is also the opportunity to have all your friends and associates understand what ITLAD is all about - whilst at the same time getting me a royalty payment (not a great deal but still worth having) and assisting in getting ITLAD into the WOWIO charts.
Indeed my next book will also be available on this site (again for free download) from mid September onwards.

Please check it out at - just do a search for "Anthony Peake".
POSTSCRIPT: It seems that a download of ITLAD is not free. It will cost a dollar. Also I am amazed to see that my next book ... due to be published in September is also there so you can take a sneak preview (only a dollar!!!)


Rach said...

Hi Tony

I have downloaded the book from Wowio, but did you know that you can also download your next book? I thought it wasn't available until the 7th September?

Best Wishes

SM Kovalinsky said...

So it is! I have downloaded it, and am thrilled and will read and read. But Tony, I still want to buy an author-signed copy from you in September.

Anthony Peake said...

Hi guys,

I am not sure what has happened here. I suspect that my publisher is unaware of this development. I have emailed them to find out exactly what is going on here.