Sunday 8 June 2008

virgin life

I've been trying to get my head round this concept and I think I'm beginning to grasp it.

1. It seems highly likely that I am experiencing the Bohmian IMAX. I have always had lots of deja vu experiences as well as the odd precognition.

2. That being the case, how can virgin lifers exist in my phaneron? Wouldn't everything in the universe I brought into being by observation have to have been around before?

3. My thoughts on this ...

Maybe in this Groundhog Day I encounter people who were indeed around last time but their experience of virgin life is an attribute, like eye colour, that is part of their identity. In that person's Bohmian IMAX they are experiencing whereas in mine I am merely observing them - so that observation can be experienced over and over again.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Woodsprite: Interesting ideas to add to the numerous previous posts on this concept:

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(there are more but these seem to be the most useful)

*looks in post for royalties cheque*

Now, to address your points:

1. I'd probably agree, yes. My Virgin Life
idea came from the simple realisation, after reading ITLAD, that in order for everything within the book to have any truth, would require everyone to live or have lived a Virgin Life; and as I have never had Deja Vu nor Precognition (if Rachael turns up then of course that all changes) then I suggested I may be living one.

2. Now, I think I can propose an answer to this which is quite staggering, by blending ITLAD, CTF, My CtCw theory, and the VERY latest research into Neurology and Consciousness Studies. Indeed I've previous spoken to Tony on this subject but I shall keep this new concept under wraps for now. However, firstly, within your question, we need to ascertain this:
If your ARE within a Bohmian IMAX past life replay NOW, then IF there are Virgin Lifers within your phaneron they would also have been in the phaneron of your Virgin Life (the difference being you were unaware that it WAS your Virgin Life) as your are currently experiencing a playback of your recorded life. Put simply; how can you say, despite their Virgin Life status, that this is the first time they have appeared in YOUR phaneron? A Virgin Lifer could appear in thousands of YOUR life phanerons, but all apart from one of those lives (YOUR Virgin Life) exist within your subjective consciousness as multi-dimensional, multi-sensual, holographic Bohmian IMAX playbacks.

3. Interesting thoughts, thank you for sharing them. What I am saying in my Virgin Life theory is this: EVERYONE has to have lived a Virgin Life for ANY of CTF/ITLAD to be true. Is it possible for a Virgin Lifer to realise they are presently actually living that Virgin Life? If it IS, then the repercussions in the Bohmian IMAX recurrences could be astounding as the Eidolon will EXPECT Daemonic guidance, not be surprised by it.

This all blends together much more simply in all my deeper writings on these subjects towards the book I'm writing around my theory
(which will either be published in either my own name or, ideally, with Tony as a co-author)

Hope some of my comments helped Woodsprite.

johar said...


Your explanation reminds me of The Mother Paradox of CTF, am I on the right track?

Karl Le Marcs said...

Johar: Thanks for that, yes.

Here is the link:

The Mother Paradox of Cheating The Ferryman

Almost every post I write on here does subtly weave together and the Mother Paradox was written to show how we can have more than just one existence within the Bohmian IMAX.

Thank you for your astute analysis JoJo.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karl. I think I was on the right lines but you put it much clearer. And thanks for directing me to more posts to help clarify.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Woodsprite: That's what we are here for!

It's always difficult describing what is a deeply metaphysical and mind-bending concept in just a few lines, when in my fuller writings these take chapters with cross referencing and examples etc.

It's like when Dean Sullivan on the City Talk Radio interview that Tony gave last week asked him.....

"So, what IS Quantum Mechanics?"


*reaches for ITLAD paracetamol*

Hurlyburly said...

Poor Karl, it's the same explanations over and over!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Hurlyburly: And I do it because I care and am honoured when someone takes an interest in my writing and ideas, much the same way that Tony does.

Who wrote the post Virgin Life - Deja Vu anyway?

*Smiles and passes Martin a tenner under the table*