Tuesday 1 July 2008

i shall return!

Know, therefore, that from the greater silence I shall return....
Forget not that I shall come back to you.... A little while, a moment of rest upon the wind, and another woman shall bear me.


Robin said...

Lovely Roshini!

"Seeing death as the end of life is like seeing the horizon as the end of the ocean." - David Searls

Robin said...

(forgive the extra i, nearing the end of my shift... arrrrgg)

Karl Le Marcs said...

"They gave birth astride of a grave, the light gleamed an instant, then it was night once more"
- Samuel Beckett (Waiting for Godot)

Thanks for the Kahlil Gilbran quote, I don't think it is specifically ITLADic but the last sentence is very fitting for my CtCw theory.