Wednesday 23 July 2008

Now this is really weird!!!!

Last night I found that I couldn't really sleep. I had lots of things going through my head. My mind drifted to thinking about the Blog. I then thought about the weird coincidences I described in my "Postcard from Tony" kindly posted for me by Karl.


As I thought about in in my minds-eye something struck me. I thought about how it had been possible for me to send to Karl the photograph I took that very evening (23rd) and how he had placed it on the blog. I then woke up fully. I realised that I had not sent any photo to him because I emailed him on my phone a few hours before. It was impossible as I had not taken the photograph then, but a few hours later, and yet I was sure that Karl had posted my actual photograph. I emailed Karl this morning and he confirmed that he had selected a picture at random that he found on the web that was of my hotel - he chose, quite by chance, one that was virtually identical to the one I was about to take (check it out - the one above is mine). This was taken from our room. Of the fifty or so rooms in the Hotel Belvedere only two have balconies that have this view so the chances of Karl picking a photograph at random that was exactly my view as I wrote a posting for the blog what was the subject? Oh yes, weird synchronicities!!!!

Is this fascinating or just a little bit scary!


Anonymous said...

Someone obviously recognised that you deserved the room with the view Tony! Both photos must have been taken from the same room - Karl's must have been taken by someone slightly taller, I suspect!


SM Kovalinsky said...

That is certainly amazing, Tony. In my opinion, it is simply another sign of how deeply the two of you are connected, and in some form of mystical union which would be conducive to the formation of such events. When my son fist showed me the montage photo in which he had fused your two images, I knew he had tapped into something profound. Hope that doesn't alarm either of you.

Anonymous said...

I've just looked at the website for the hotel aand it is a truly lovely place. But it really puts the whole thing into perspective when you see that there were loads of pictures Karl could have chosen and that particular one isn't the most spectcular. It's as if he could actually picture you at the time, Tony. Uncanny eh?

Hurlyburly said...

Some definate auto-pilot time transference thing going on there! Very weird.

The other month, i had been playing basketball with my friend Ben as we do several times a week, In conversation the same of somebody i went to school with but haven't seen in about 18 years came up in conversation. When i got home an hour later, i had a friend request waiting for me on facebook, guess who it was from .....

(in case you're not following, it was the same person!)

Karl Le Marcs said...

I place a small fragment from one of my emails with Tony on this matter from this morning:

"Very weird yes. Why, of all the available photos of Hotel Belvedere, Taormina, the Messina Straits and Mount Etna, did I select THAT one? A photo taken by someone else, presumably standing in the same position that you took yours from! Daemonic Guidance? (ITLAD) Quantum Entanglement of Subjective Consciousness? (CtCw) Remote Viewing? (I'm sure that Alan would agree on this one!) Or just pure synchrondipity?"

*smiles at AP*

I also agree with Woodsprite and Susan Marie, indeed Tony and I are alarmed when there is NOT a synchrondipity between ourselves.

Karl Le Marcs said...

It has just occurred to me that at the time of Tony viewing the scene from his balcony (all Byronic and everything) he was reading Mobius Dick.

More importantly, MY COPY of Mobius Dick!

Now, there are some in the Occultic Circles, within which I have been known to tiptoe on occassion, who would call that a Conduit to Shared Consciousness.

Could this have influenced my choice of image, to accompany Tony's Postcard from his Sicilian Sabattical, to choose the very one that was empirically before AP and My Book at that moment?


Hurlyburly said...

People reading certain materials of similar mind-sets are quite likely to react in similar ways with regards to their thoughts and actions.

In one way this is fun evidence of strange coincidence, in another, it's argument that you're both extremely vulnerable to external stimuli

look, shiney things...

Karl Le Marcs said...

There speaks a Sociologist!

I can't agree Martin.

Hurlyburly said...

Imagine my surprise...

I didn't think you would, the weather channel tells me hell is still warm.

Karl Le Marcs said...

And imagine everyone's surprise at your comments exhibiting elements of flippancy!!


Hurlyburly said...

last word.


Karl Le Marcs said...

*dignified silence*

Hurlyburly said...

I can still heeeeeeeaaaaaaat you!!!

Come on, i'm just kidding as i'm sure you are to. It's very strange. I saw somebody on the way home from town across the road this evening that i havn't spoken to in about 2 years, i just got a call from them about 10 minutes ago, they didn't see me or anything, just randomly called me.

There's chance and probability to be considered but still, there's strange things at work sometimes.

Hurlyburly said...

Oh, that should have said *hear*

friendly jokes should be spelled correctly or not at all!

SM Kovalinsky said...

It had meaning, Martin! It was a Freudian slip. I caught it immediately.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Once the statistical and mathematical laws of large numbers have been considered, and my Kangaroo Paradox applied THEN such synchrondipities must be looked at with alternative viewpoints.

Such is my whole point.

As Tony will tell you, I am the LAST person to blindly agree with him and/or to consider everyday co-incidence of supreme importance to ITLAD/CTF (indeed Tony now applies the Kangaroo Paradox without me having to say it) so we work, as SMK rightly says as a modern Hegelian Dialectic, where he is the Thesis, I am the Antithesis and what emerges is the Synthesis of the two (stronger and with much of the chaff removed), which leaves us with the remarkable Synchrondipities which are then open to further scientific and philosophical investigation.

Hurlyburly said...

Did you just say Devil's advocate?

DONT wince with frustraion!

I completely understand, agree with and appreciate your point!

Karl Le Marcs said...

No I didn't say Devil's Advocate.

But Thank You.

Robin said...

To answer to Mr. T's question at the end of his post is FASCINATING but not surprising at all!

Hurly's story is yet another fine example!

Clearly Tony and Karl have something kin to a Vulcan mind-meld going on. I wonder what event triggered Hurly's friend to make that call?

Entanglement, Daemonic Guidance, Synchronicity, etc all stem from the same source. The more we tune into these consciousness waves, the better the reception!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Robin: I like the way you manage to bring my CtCw into it Robin.

And re Mind-Melds! Remember the Radio clip I sent you?


Robin said...

I sure do Karl, it's on my ipod and gets regular play time. It makes me grin!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Robin: I must edit one of the shows I did from a few weeks ago for you, where I made someone think that three separate things were completely coincidental; but of course they were all subtly and psychologically suggested by me in the first place.
*wicked smile and stroking of goatee*

Robin said...

Send it on oh dark one, I have a playlist waiting for it...

Karl Le Marcs said...

Robin: I'll get a copy of it, edit it down and send it you soon then.

johar said...

So, Tony, you are sitting there reading Karl's copy of Mobius Dick, admiring the view from your balcony.

Meanwhile, Karl is viewing pictures of your hotel and picks one that is basically the view you are looking at, probably at the same time!

This is a beautiful example of the type of research done by Dean Radin into Quantum Entanglement and further supports the ever increasing evidence for both of your theories.

Now, if Tony and Karl exist within the Bohmian IMAX past life memory playback, it is likely that this scenario has run many, many times before. That it was accomplished with such precision and finesse then suggests to me that Karl isn't a Virgin Lifer as the entanglement between the two of them is too evolved for this to be Karl's first time.

Come on, 'fess up, you've been practicing!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Johar: Whether a Virgin Life or Ultimate Life, I would be a monistic consciousness either way (as opposed to a dualistic consciousness in Bohmian IMAX recurrences; Daemon-Eidolon) so either could explain the lack of my Daemon, for in the VL I would be pure Eidolon and in the UL a fusion of Daemon and Eidolon.


There are other explanations I could offer but these will form the basis of the UBER THEORY
(as you know JoJo)

SM Kovalinsky said...

Of COURSE he is not a Virgin Lifer; I knew it from the beginning. He is a full daemon, and has no one to guard him now, as he is not an eidolon, and can only look after himself--- and it explains everything, everything about him.. . Remember, JoJo, when you said I was right??? (sorry, feeling hysterical tonight).

johar said...

Susan Marie, Hi!!

Yes I agreed with you from the beginning that Karl was not a VL.

I think there is more evidence to suggest he is a UL rather than a VL

I have given some thought to the character/personality traits one would expect to find in both cases when paralleled with Freud's Id, Ego and Super Ego.

I am certain he is not a VL but still pondering on the UL.

Indeed I have mentioned this to Karl and intend to pick his brains about it in the near future.

Of course, it is all subjective speculation, but fun all the same!!

SM Kovalinsky said...

Well, JoJo, your light-hearted personality makes it so. I am all heavy hearted and somber about it all. Guess we cannot help our basic natures. Glad you can have fun speculating!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Johar: Yes indeed, I have written previously on the comparison between Freud's triptych of Psyche within ITLAD/CTF.

The Daemon would be the SuperEgo and The Eidolon the Id. The Ego is simply the subjective conscious projection of the Id externally.

Will look forward to discussing with you further when we next meet JoJo.

Rosh said...

The most wonderful and amazing example of synchrondipity that has happened to me would be being a member of this Blog...and i think all would agree with me on this point. India is a land of folklores and mythology,whn i was young my mother would always say, some words in sanskrit language( in which most scriptures are written) which would roughly translate into 'man is known by the company the keeps'...the influence, of the company and the connections we keep tells us a lot about our own inherent mindset...
Its not a lot of great philosophy but simple everday wisdom passed on frm mother to daughter!

ra from ca said...

Tony: I am not surpised any more by these strange coincidences.

By the way just reading Jung's biography, and surprised to read of his experience of a similiar type of coincidence.
Here is a summary, and you may already know about this.

He did a mandala painting he called "Window on Eternity" that seemed Chinese to him and then received from a friend a taoist-alchemical treatise called "The Secret of the Golden Flower" which confirmed his idea about the mandala.

He then had a dream, where he along with other Swiss were in a rainy foggy smoky LIVERPOOL! which was arranged radially and in the centre was a pool and a small island with a single magnolia tree.

He said the dream represented his emotional situation which was unpleasant but he had a vision of unearthly beauty which was allowing him to live. He wrote Liverpool is the "pool of life." The "liver" according to an old view is the seat of life--that which "makes to live"

How could I read this and not think of you?

SM Kovalinsky said...

Ruth: I remember reading of this in Jung's biography also. Yes, Liverpool and Tony and Karl. The pool of life, of renewed life. Its a lovely thought. I wonder if Tony will say he has read that of Jung? I do remember that, and I read it many years ago. Your thoughts are always lovely and profound and most timely.

Aloha Gary said...

Aloha all once again,

Tony - if, as is understood by many billions of people in the world, we are all one consciouness creating new experiences then:

'coincidences' of one aspect of consciousness (eg Karl) being aware of another aspect of consciousness (Tony)at any given moment are not only extremely likely but certain.

Perhaps we should call this the 'everything is a coincidence' theory?

What is unusual is for your deeper connections to everything (and each other) to bubble up into conscious awareness?

"The Nature of the Psyche" by Jane Roberts (aka Seth) gives a fascinating, coherent, and deep insight into what may truly be going on here.

Or perhaps it is simple Telepathy?

Maybe worth putting the two of you in separate rooms and giving you shape tests, to test your telepathic affinity/compatibility?
*puts hand to forhead in medium's pose*
I am now seeing Karl with a pint of Abbotts...
is it telepathy or precognition or does it matter what label we use?


Karl Le Marcs said...

Ra from Ca and Susan Marie:

Yes absolutely, Tony has talked about Jung's coincidences, the Philemon (cue my gag) and the story that Ruth relays above often on blog and during discussions.

Indeed, in Flannagan's Apple pub in Liverpool (where the ITLAD poster is on the wall in Second Life and where the last ITLADic ale-infused conference took place) there is a bust of Jung on the wall.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Aloha Gary: Cup of Cuban Coffee actually!

You must be time switching, as it will certainly be a pint of Abbotts later on.

Good to see you last week fella, see you again soon.

Aloha Gary said...

Aloha Karl: re: Conduit to Shared Consciousness

yes indeed. If we think how many of your atoms escape your physcial structure into your surroundings, and how long it takes to read a book like Mobius Dick, then, there must be many millions of your atoms within the book!

Maybe this is why you feel such an attachment to the books you've read? *smile*

In Max Freedom Long's Hawaiian Huna book 'the Secret Science at Work' he describes how it is possible to make a 'mind-link' by touching someone's signature as this holds resonances of your deeper energy essence.

There is a fascinating technique using quantum reading (reading directly into your unconscious memory) and deep-trance identification, which allows you to connect very very strongly to the author (or to a lesser extent the subject, if a biography)

would anyone like to chat to the energy essence of Einstein, or Plato, or erm Tony?

Whatever it is you may think you are, you allways more than that.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Aloha Gary: *giggles*
I thought you might appreciate my Conduit to Shared Consciousness phraseology!

I agree with your atom/residual energy comments and my certain attachment to all my books (although given my reading speed and frequency I can whip though a relatively small book like Mobius Dick in an afternoon! Indeed when I am on a cerebrally Bipolar manic phase I read 6 or 7 books in a day - all 24 hours of it)

The Quantum Reading technique forms the basis of one of my latest theories and pieces of work entitled Quantum Back Dreaming, which Tony knows about but about which I have yet to disclose much.

Thanks Gary.

Aloha Gary said...

sounds fascinating Karl, will this cost me an ale to discover more?


Karl Le Marcs said...

Aloha Gary: Well, it wouldn't do any harm mate!

johar said...
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johar said...



I'm reading a biography of Jung as well at the moment. I even wrote down in my notebook about the mandala and it's resemblance to Tony's logo and about the Liverpool dream!

Karl can confirm I talked to him about it a couple of days ago!

Entanglement Central, all aboard!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Johar: Yes, JoJo, I can confirm that.

ra from ca said...

Jo-Jo: (as you prefer?)

Egads!! We were probably reading the book about the very same time!

Entangled indeed!

The odds of that Karl?

Karl Le Marcs said...

Ra from Ca: *dons bookmakers sparkly jacket*

Well, given the most famous paradox in Mathematical Statistics and the Laws of Large Numbers is The Birthday Problem, we can apply those odds.

In any group of 23 or more people, the probability of any 2 or more sharing the same birthday is 50%, and in any group of just 57 or more it is more like 99%!

Now initially yes the odds of any 2 random people reading the same random book at the same random time would appear huge, BUT, those odds are quickly reduced when you consider Probability Theory (as within the Birthday Problem) and Causality (by which I suggest 2 people who are NOT randomly selected and a book that is NOT randomly chosen), so thus the chances of you and JoJo reading the same book at the same time are massively reduced (if indeed it WAS the same book, and the same time), this still leaves reasonably sized odds, but then the odds of winning the lottery are billions to one, and yet someone will (often more than one - at the same time)

Ah Math is fun!!

johar said...

Thanks Karl, That's much clearer!!

*reaches for aspirin*

Karl Le Marcs said...

Johar: *giggles*

ra from ca said...


Did you factor in the number of books recommended at this site? Which increased the number of books we had to choose from despite the fact that Jo Jo and I are swimming in a relatively small pool? Or is it a big pool of life?

Karl Le Marcs said...

Ra from Ca: I may have played a small role!