Tuesday 15 July 2008

Our lives played back - What about dreams?

Just a quick pondering. Within the Imax, when our lives are replayed, are our dreams replayed? Or do they alter in the subtle ways that our lives go on to aswell?


Karl Le Marcs said...

Hurlyburly: That's a question Martin, so it may be more suited to Forum.

However, in pure ITLAD theory, our dreams are no less a part of our recorded past life that any other, so they would be the same.

In expanded ITLAD (to include Bohmian Mutations then yes, the dreams could differ).

And in the BIGTOE (ITLAD + CtCW) then certainly the dreams can differ as subjective consciousness is at a lower state of empirical sentience and thus our dreamstate can interract with the objective consciousness wave more freely.

Anthony Peake said...

MARTIN: I agree with Karl. This is a classic Forum question ... and one I am sure that will get some interesting responses.

As dreams are part of our personal phaneron then within the Bohmian IMAX they will change. Indeed if dreams are simply the brain's way of sorting out information (a theory I am not sure I agree with) then different "waking data" will engender different processing dreams.

What makes your question really interesting is that it highlights a fascinating idea that suggests dreams within dreams!

Hurlyburly said...

I guess it's another way to address the question of where are we now? If this is a recording, are our dreams a recording too? Or are our dreams part of our momentary awakening inbetween our recorded lives? The problem of free will and controll within our lives are arguabley somewhat different within dreams, what kind of implications does this have?

Karl Le Marcs said...

Hurlyburly: I think I adressed most of these new comments in my first response; it depends if we are looking at it through pure ITLAD theory, expanded ITLAD theory or BIGTOE theory, but again, as this is a Q&A type post I think it would be better suited in Forum mate, which is your forte as we know.

Karl Le Marcs said...

EVERYONE: Hurlyburly has moved this discussion to FORUM and I include a link to it below:

FORUM: Our Lives Played Back - What About Dreams?

Rosh said...

hey!i know this discussion is on the forum...
but i had to post this poem i like on dreams...


Do I just imagine a great lie?

Or does all possibility,
bright and dark,
flow through me?

Like fire,
that I have lived a thousand times
and will live again a thousand more.


I stumble through a dark place,
where dreams lie broken and starving upon the ground.

A graveyard,
where the bodies rest,
still dying,
while their shadows yet walk the earth.


Why do men pretend to be nothing,
even as they lay dying?

And why do shadows,

pretend to be men?

Their voices only a whisper,
their eyes dark and empty,
their hearts bitter and small.


I will walk once more,
as a man,
with air around me,
sweet as roses,
and strong as stone,

With water that takes every shape,
and lifts up a world to smile at the stars.

With dreams that will burst into life,
moment after moment.

My dreams are not outside me,
or thin like paper.

We are one.
We are here.
I am not alone.



Karl Le Marcs said...

Roshni: Could you post your reply in Forum please!!!

Rosh said...

karl, i dont think ive anything yet to contibute on the FORUM..i think im more of a blogger person...and the Forum is for the more enlightened and scholastic of the bloggers which i am not! please give me some time ...

Karl Le Marcs said...

Roshni: It is the other way around Roshni.

FORUM is for Question and Answer type discussions and for the less enlightened to be able to contribute and read specific parts of ITLAD whereas the BLOG is for the development of the theory.

Rosh said...

u know what, karl, u maybe right..but whn i visit the Forum i read all those heavy lecture-type posts and i feel i wont be be able to do justice nor fit in..
( something is wrong with me!)
and i hve so much fun on the blog...thats it!..and i can be intimate and tell u my true feelings...which i dont think i can do on the forum...

Karl Le Marcs said...

Roshni: That's the reason Tony set up Forum Roshni. So that the thoughts and feelings around ITLAD can be discussed there, leaving BLOG for the development of the theories and for some of the deeper elements.
Forum will take time to find its feet but for Q&A, thoughts, feelings etc, they should be placed on FORUM.

Thank You

Rosh said...

Frankly, Karl,...Then I dont think I fit in anywhere..or maybe Ive to ponder hard on what you are saying!
Thank you!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Roshni: For confirmation I refer you to Tony's post announcing the opening of FORUM:

STOP PRESS - Forum Is Now Up And Running

Rosh said...

"It is my intention to have this as a more question and answer/ discussion type site than this one. It will also be a good deal less intimate. Indeed I am keen to keep the friendly feel of this site whereas the Forum will be exactly that... a forum."
This is what i understand..If i have a question regarding ITLAD...i have to post it on the Forum....
but if im reminded of a poem or a random thought..which might not exactly be an answer...then what do i do? (i feel the blog will tolerate me!)if u say that its okay for me to post my thoughts ( which may not be really an answer, just a quote or a poem)then i may consider doing so on the forum!
Thank you Karl, for taking out time to answer me...Im grateful AND U R KIND!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Roshni: Thank You.

I apologise for being absent from BLOG for a few days (busy times and exhaustion)

I have noticed that Woodsprite has used FORUM in precisely the way that you are wondering how you can express your lyrics and quotations; so take a look at her FORUM post here:

FORUM: Mystery
[by Woodsprite]