Wednesday 2 July 2008

Peek experience

I've noticed several odd effects when I'm in a daemon state as it were, when fully conscious. Some you may already be familiar with from the accounts of mediums etc.

(1) A feeling like webs on my face, which to me indicates a sensitivity to psychic energy or even static electricity on the skin (See Wally Thornhill's 'Electric Universe*' theory for connection between material and psychic worlds, in the same way that quantam mechanics draws in the two). Coupled with this is 'itchy shins' as energy moves up the body (see my site for coloured pencil drawing of this in operation 'Earth to Sky' (Shamanic conduit)).

(2) When I still my mind (contact with the physical world) I often see swirling waves of energy that resemble burning corn stubble or a snow storm. Staring in the mirror or at the floor, I can also see the world transformed into golden light or energy sometimes, rather than the solid matter it seems normally. My interpretation of this is that like in the Hertz advert 'We put you in the driving seat', material reality (Eidolon) only appears as it does because we have our faces pressed up against a glass, darkly and cannot see or sense anything else. It's like driving into a garage and only being aware of the garage walls, until you 'back out' again (You cannot be aware of/ in one state and still be aware of the other at the same time, simultaneously).

(3) Looking in the mirror again, I can see my face transfigure into that of another persons visage (fighter pilot type being etc).

(4)Another thing I've noticed is that when I 'concentrate', all I'm aware of is normal existence but when I'm in a more 'dispersed' mental state, I can see things peripherally that are not normal i.e. daemon orientated, corner of the eye stuff. This relates to the garage analogy above but puts it more in the mental (meant-all) state, scheme of things

(5) When I have an idea, I literally see a flash in the sky out of my right eye. I know it isn't physically there and could just reflect what is going on in my brain but I thought I'd include it anyway.

(6) My wifes mother, when she was dying, had vibuti (sacred ash) appear on her forehead - which apparently has significance in Hindu religion: The only people in the room were my wife, me and her mother and none of us smoked, so where did it mysteriously appear from?

* In the latest edition of Nexus magazine is a piece on biofield energy, that in my opinion ties in with this theory and may go some way to explaining psychic powers like Petra Challis and others who can predict earthquakes (human/ Earth energy fields, interaction).


Anthony Peake said...

During the research for my next book I read a good deal of material regarding the 'mystic experience'. Flashes seem to be a central theme from St Paul onwards. I suppose these are literally 'flashes of inspiration'. Interestingly enough links have been made with regard to TLE 'aura' experiences or migraine. If so these fit in very well with my "Scale of Transcendence" which will be intoduced with a good deal of supporting material in my next book.

SM Kovalinsky said...

I am eager and fascinated to see this scale, with its beautiful name, and to read the Daemon book.