Sunday 20 July 2008

Sunday Service Sabbatical

To All ITLADic Students

Owing to a combination of factors there will be no Sunday Service this week, for which I apologise.
All being well, normal service will be resumed next Sunday towards the collective ITLADic studies.

All students are thus encouraged to enjoy their day off!

A Dark Professor
Karl L Le Marcs


Karl Le Marcs said...

I would like to personally thank everyone who has contributed over the last 6 weeks to make my Weekly ITLADic Scientific News Sunday Service such a success and I again apologise for not having the time or the energy to compile a satisfactory module this week nor to direct the discussions during today.


Robin said...

We all need time off now and then. Enjoy your day Karl!

Anthony Peake said...


Your contributions over the last six weeks have been nothing less than spectacular. Indeed having also spent two days over in Liverpool this week I know just how busy you have been.

Indeed with regard to that may I thank you, Johar, Ed and Gary (and Richard - the unseen itladian) for your collective involvement in my lecture on Wednesday.

I thought that the discussions afterwards were excellent and show just how dynamic an international meeting of Itladians would be.

Enjoy the rest oh Dark One - you deserve it.


Anthony Peake said...

Oh, how could I forget Woodsprite (Di) in my list of itladians at the meeting on Wednesday!

Rosh said...

Tony: Lets arrange for an international convention of ITLADIANS....please..?

Rosh said...

KARL; no need to apologise! u have given so much these past weeks, u need your rest Prof!
come back revitalised soon!
yours truly
(ever naughty argumentative giggly student-Rosh)

johar said...


I hope you have a relaxing day off, it is thoroughly deserved.

It was wonderful to meet you on Wednesday, thank you for taking care of me in Liverpool. I look forward to attending further lectures, meeting other bloggers and being involved as much as possible on this amazing journey.

Tony - It was lovely to meet you, Di, Ed, Gary and Rich on Wednesday. The discussion afterwards was very stimulating and I agree that a mega ITLAD Symposium is a MUST!




Andrew Giancarlo said...

Professor LeMarcs,
This student says rest,you have earned it by the sweat of your brow!and I agree with roshni,a conference should be set up, to meet you professor and Tony would be as great as meeting senator Obama,your both as great. hurry back.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Robin, Tony, Roshni, Johar and Andrew:

Thank You all for your kind words.

Karl Le Marcs said...


I'd like to introduce The World's Youngest ITLADian!

My Niece, Ruby Elizabeth, entered the world a couple of hours ago!
(fashionably late, just like her Mum)

Mother and Child are both well; Father is ecstatic, and Uncle Karl is going for a lie down!

johar said...



With Professor Le Marcs as her Uncle she will be cherished and enlightened from the very beginning!

(she'll have a degree by the time she's 5!)

Go rest Uncle Karl, your duties as ITLADic mentor and FABO Uncle have only just begun!


Karl Le Marcs said...

Johar: Oh thank you JoJo!

I shall no doubt be reading chapters from ITLAD as bedtime stories fairly soon!


Anonymous said...

Karl: What fantastic news! You will no doubt be undertaking the traditional ritual of wetting the baby's head I hope! And what a beautiful name they've chosen! Congratulations to all concerned!

And I'm really glad you decided to suspend the Sunday Service for one week. You work so hard to get the articles together and are then available to respond to our posts for hours - a truly mammoth task. Sometimes re-charging of batteries is needed. You are indeed a wise man.


Karl Le Marcs said...

Woodsprite: Thank You Di.

A few ales have been sunk to the dear lass yes!

And I set myself ridiculously high standards sometimes and it does take the wiser side of me on occasion to step back and take a break.

Given how busy I have been this week, spending time away from home and being very low on energy as well, I didn't want to just throw together a post today (that wouldn't be fair on everyone).

Thank you for your kind words Di; I will continue my day of relative peace (pun very much intended)

Anonymous said...

Karl: The "relative" peace will be broken now! Babies have the knack of turning the world upside down and are only peaceful part of the time! I suspect Uncle Karl will have to find ways to hide away with a book from time to time!

Enjoy! (No irony intended - I love babies and believe thay bring great joy)

Karl Le Marcs said...

Woodsprite: *giggles*

In EVERY aspect of life, I always find ways to hide away with a book (usually several) as often as possible.

*raises glass*

SM Kovalinsky said...

KLLM: First, congratulations on your new little niece, and for being an Uncle. She is a lucky little girl, to have you as such! Kierkegaard doted on his little nieces and nephews, and entertained them wildly, with all his philosophical parables of the trampling geese; that is how I imagine you to be. How beautiful you will be!
Also, please do rest; your Sunday service is wonderful, and could only be run by such a dark professor-lord. Your rest is well-earned. I hope you saw that I did mention your SS in my Nietzsche essay on my blog, as well as your and Tony's forum.

Karl Le Marcs said...

Susan Marie: Oh Thank You!
Yes, I have my Hardback copy of ITLAD to use as bedtime story reading at the ready! And A Darl Professor will be reading Quantum Paradoxes to sweet Ruby!!

The Sunday Service Sabbatical was a good idea of mine, as I have needed these last two days to regain some energy and plan my Manic Monday for tomorrow (after this I do have some rest time planned)

I certainly DID she you reference my work on here on the Sunday Service in your wonderfil Nietazchean essay and I would URGE all ITLADic students to visit your blog, read and leave comments.

Thank You as ever, SMK. Good Night and *hugs*

SM Kovalinsky said...

Thank you, Dark One: And how similar you are to Kierkegaard, in satire, wit, and sensibilities; and even so much like his Johannes Climacus pseudonym, who attended the theater with his hat and cigar and glasses. Good night, sleep well, dark lord.

Karl Le Marcs said...

SM Kovalinsky: Yes that certainly sounds like me!!
Before the cigar smoking ban in pubs and theatres!
*shakes fist*
Luckily my Profs still have regular eveings of Malt Whisky and Cigars as we hold them in the living quarters on on of the Profs.

Top be compared to Kierkegaard in the highest honour. Thank You Susan Marie.