Wednesday 27 February 2008

Announcement - Second Kerrang Radio Interview - 11th March 2008.

I have just been told that KERRANG RADIO (it always looks even louder in capitals doesn't it?) would like me back to do a second interview. Because of time constraints this will be pre-recorded. I am waiting for the producer to come back with an idea of exactly how long I will be on (those who listened last time will recall that I had about ten minutes or so). I am hoping for somewhat longer next time. Can you imagine having to explain ITLAD and CTF in ten minutes. On LBC Radio in April last year it took two hours and it still wasn't enough.

The interview is scheduled to go out late evening on Tuesday 11th March. I will confirm the exact time as soon as I know. KERRANG can be listened too on digital (DAB) radio and on-line at:

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