Saturday 2 February 2008

"It's Groundhog Day !!!"

Has somebody said that already?

*cheeky grin*


SM Kovalinsky said...

Yes; so it is Karl, do they actually celebrate it in the UK? I was under the impression it was only an American thing. But not only does the movie lend it meaning; also, if you look at it in Jungian terms, the question of whether or not the "shadow" will be seen is most telling. For Jung, the shadow was the repository for the negative aspects of what Anthony would term the eidolon, and the "daemon" would be the one to point out that which had to be faced and fought. . .

Hurlyburly said...


*Throws a punch*

Anthony Peake said...

Cannot believe I missed this. I was doing a lecture at Heswall Library today (thanks for all who attended and made it such a stimulating discussion). I was gabbling on about the movie 'Groundog Day' (as I always do) and a member of the audience pointed out the synchronicity that today was, indeed, Groundhog Day! Missed that one didn't I!!!

Karl Le Marcs said...

Tony, you always do miss Groundhog Day !
HurlyBurly.......Ha Ha!
Susan-Marie, I wouldn't say it is "celebrated" here but the news channels like to cover Phil and his shadow as some quirky "look how odd the Americans are" type newstory before ironically showing how idiotic us Brits are in some other piece.