Monday 25 February 2008

Blog Popularity

I am pleased to say that day on day more people from across the globe are emailing me with regard to both how ITLAD has changed their lives and how they would like to post their comments and experiences on this blog. As I mentioned in a recent announcement we have topped out to our maximum 100 'full' members. However I may have a short-term solution. As well as the blogger-name Anthony Peake (the one that this posting is placed by) I have another that I have only used once (and that was by accident). This is called Doppelganger. It is my intention to use this one to post any messages that non-full members would like placed on the first page of this blog. This will allow them to request responses and comments as us full bloggers can do.

If you are one of those individuals keen to have your opinions read by the amazing band of readers of this blog just email me what you would like to have posted. I will then post it for you under the name 'Doppelganger'. When doing so please also let me know by what blogging alias you would like to be known as. In this way your fellow bloggers will know it is you in subsequent blogs. You can then add your own comments to the comments because this is open access.

To do this please simply write what you want to say and email it to me at:

I look forward to your postings.

Note that I have placed a version of this as a permanent feature in the right hand column of this blog.

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