Sunday 17 February 2008

Cheating The Ferryman Lecture on YouTube

A few weeks ago I did a talk at the home of Dr Alan Roberts in Hoylake. This lecture was filmed and has now been placed on YouTube. I would like to thank Alan for asking me to do this talk and his associate Bob Hardy for recording the event for posterity. There is an intention to also record my quantum physics talk and also place this on YouTube in due course.

The link is:

This lecture is somewhat unusual in that I am sitting down. My usual approach is 'lecturing by walking about a lot'. I seem abnormally low key but in many ways I feel this helps give the subject matter a degree of gravitas. I guess as this was my second lecture of the day I was a little tired. What do you think?

I have placed a link at the top right hand side of the blog to the YouTube section. If you click on the images you will be sent to that section of the lecture. However this link shows only a handfull of the nine or so sections so if you wish to see the whole talk go straight to YouTube via the link above. I will also place this link in another section so that it is always available. If you wish to respond to this please do so via this site rather than directly through YouTube. This will end up with Alan, which is fine, but there will be a delay and I am sure that Alan will have better things to do than deal with my responses.

As you will all, hopefully, know, I have been rather out of circulation the last few days having been involved in a presentation for the Scientific And Medical Network in Totnes, Devon. Weather was cold but crisp and Totnes is a beatiful town full of very interesting people. As such I have not had the chance to respond to what seems to have been a very busy few days on this blog. I will spend some time in the next day or two digesting the intellectually fascinating comments and respond.

In the meantime can I just give a big thank you to you guys. In my opinion this site now sparkles with wit, intelligence and a quest for knowledge that is inspiring beyond words!


Hurlyburly said...

Mr Anark Peake.

Simply wonderful. Why anybody would watch a football game when they could get 90 minutes of such mind blowing revelation amazes me. Really enjoyed that, this book clearly has and will affect the lives of many.

Groundhog day - get it....'cause... like... it's happening again....?

I do love a good shout out, even if it is self acknowledged above everything else.

SM Kovalinsky said...

Wonderful. I am awestruck and grateful, Mr. Peake.

Karl Le Marcs said...

A Pantheon Key,
"In my opinion this site now sparkles with wit, intelligence and a quest for knowledge that is inspiring beyond words!"
I completely agree.